Uber, Kalanick and the future is woman.

Post inauguration Hillary Clinton came out of the woods and made a statement which did make an impact across continents. Even if the men folks might guffaw and shrug at it- we women know how much we could relate to it. Mrs Clinton Boldly said

“ Yes! The future is female”.

In spite of all the odds and the difficulties we face “the future is female”. Although Madame Sectary of the state made the statement with regard to the woman march that happened in US in protest to Donald Trump presidency post 21st January celebrations. That statement has a wider impact –especially with regard to the power and influence of women in the corporate and start-up businesses.



Science might say women have smaller brains than men- but we are continuously forgetting our (women’s) brains are mostly free of garbage which otherwise occupies a huge chunk of our male counterparts(mostly) . I am not denying men have been successful in every endeavor in every phrase of life. But I am also stating in-spite of an age of dominance and the psychological belief surrounding the capacity and potential of women we have come a long way. It was stunning that human rights activities had to go up to a podium and proclaim that “Human rights and women rights and there should be no second guessing on that”.

“Whoa! Does that mean we women were not humans? Does that mean we are always super to mere human males?”


Oprah Winfrey

Travis Kalanick and his best bet-

self made

We all know the Kalanick story. Ah how the extremely smart and sexy entrepreneur has to step down under allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. How many times have we actually said under our breath –Oh I wish that woman (Fowler) did not come out with the story then things would have been so normal and Kalanick would have been ruling and Uber would still remain a killer organization .

But guess what we are all wrong.

This is a simple example of the potential of free speech, internet and women empowerment. It is easy to stay shut and let things happen or even better quit . But it needs real guts to face the Goliath and we women can do that. No today but everyday –every instant when we feel abused or mistreated.

Post the stepping down and the search for a new CEO and CFO and COO one thing stands strong. Uber needs a complete re-hauling of their management and policies. The “Bro Culture” needs to go- there are ladies working along with you guys.

The next best bet for Uber — to get back to what it used to be and build a better culture is to appoint a woman as the CEO.

Ah yes you heard me correct.

Getting a woman CEO and increasing (at least maintain a decent female ratio) will go a long way in overhauling the image of Uber .

The Marrisa Meyer story-


Not all women in leadership position can be Marrisa Meyers — honestly I personally don’t have that level of energy. I struggle to keep my 14 hours work day going- somehow cramping my working schedule in it.

“One hour of Aerobics? But I need to finish my visualization deck”- Everyday story

But we do have the compassion of Sheryl Sandberg, the intellect of Indra Nooyi and the resilience of Hillary Rodham Clinton. A workplace with decent woman representation in leadership is automatically perceived as a friendly playground –no matter how crazy the work hours. Strong women build strong organization and strong organization builds great economies. Men and women are created alongside for a purpose higher than procreation. It is high time corporate sector, policy making wings and the chauvinist men across the planet realize it.


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And Justice for All- Movie Review

This is my first tryst with a movie review please pardon amateur statements .


You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!- Arthur Kirkland. 



This is beyond doubt the most iconic dialogue and performance by Al-Pacino and yes I am taking Godfather and Scarface into account. Haters will hate me for this blasphemous comparison but when a man like Pacino –with those intense eyes, deep southern accent (I sometime think it is Irish) delivers these dialogues with a tear drop rolling from his right eyes- a woman’s heart is bound to melt.




And Justice for all is one of the most underated movies of the 70s and sadly my generation hardly knows about this epic drama so I thought about bringing this killer performance of Pacino with a small review of “And Justice for all”.

Not many of you know but I am about to get my debut book “Unnamed Desires” out in Amazon by 30th of this month and post writing the book I did an intense study on character building and screenplay writing from a brilliant You tube channel called “Lessons from the Screenplay”.  And Justice for all is a move which follows almost all the rules creating a smooth flowing courtroom drama with no exaggeration or unnecessary dramatist. It mixed human emotions, empathy and above all relate able characters in their early 40s and the struggle to balance multidimensional lives.


The most striking part of the ploy is that the movie begins not with Pacino but with a supporting character which exposes the inside injustice of judicial America  and all prevalent LGBT stigma . Later in the movie this character plays a pivotal role in helping us understand the emotional aspect of Kirkland and justifies his sudden dramatic outburst in the last frames of the movie.


What makes you glued to the seat-

One word-Al Pacino.


The movie revolves around the life and day of Arthur Kirkland (Al-Pacino). His single life with no one to go out with but for a rich old justice his conflicts with a senior justice T Fleming over a case where is he failing to  save the innocent. His random emotional sparks and every Thursday visit to his grandfather. Pacino is a brilliant method actor but in this movie he everything a notch higher by playing a next door guy more comfortably than anyone I have know in the recent days. Even Affleck from Argo cannot play that man (I believe)

feature image

The real bland courtroom scenes and the behind the door wrong decisions, the plight of the old and poor and the influence of the rich portrayed in a non dramatic manner. Grandfather grandson relationship, lawyer to lawyer relationship post trauma of winning the wrong case and knowing your guilty client has repeated the crime all over again (and this time the victims are kids). Honest people getting behind the bars because of flaws in the judicial system. Innocent people committing suicide behind the bars as they cannot take the humiliation of arrest and the injustice meted to them.Non dramatized but really touching incidents of custody rape and young innocent lad losing his life to  in-custody crime and sexual harassment.

What gives you the thrill-

The shifting of emotions throughout the movie- really expected events which rolls to a different climax and the essence of something new even in the most predictable settings. Affable relationship moments and toxic outbursts the movie is powerful enough to not make you feel the length and you will never realize when you had stopped reaching out for pop-corn. It is not  a movie which will give you a climax and a happy ending. It is not a movie where the ultimate destination is boy finds girls of justice wins over injustice. It is a movie where reality prevails and that gives the thrill of walking though the entire movie.

long pose


In conclusion And justice for all is one of the most realistic movie I have seen in the recent days which is a perfect package of emotions, killer acting and a exposure of the corrupt judicial system in America.

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Cyrus Dastur- Walking uncharted territories to achieve star-studded dreams.


cyrus and tom

Parallel cinema carries a huge prejudice of being restricted only as a hobby or weekend retreat for classy uptown people. Even in the current start-up crazy innovative India –people hardly think beyond technology and service companies to build something which can fulfill your passion and sponsor a decent lifestyle along with it.  Here is the journey of Cyrus Dastur who became a short film mogul with no prior experience, industry godfather or truck load of dollars.  Cyrus followed a dream, he fed his passion for art and films and a motivation to keep on moving and ended up building ‘SHAMIANA’- Asia’s biggest short film company and recently  Co- produced a full feature Bollywood movie

Sweetie weds NRI” awaiting release on the 2nd of June 2017.



Cyrus Dastur- the man with a plan:

Cyrus Dastur -the man that I have known since I first attended his book reading event in Pune( 2014) is beyond doubt an inspiration for this generation of passionate yet lost entrepreneurs. He is calm, lively and his hospitality is something that will strike one as exceptionally warm and welcoming. Cyrus is a man who has walked the uncharted territories, pursued a dream which many might shrug away as a hobby and finally emerged as a phoenix building the biggest short film company in whole of Asia know as ‘SHAMIANA’. From just a dream to becoming a short film mogul Cyrus has come a long way.

Outside the glamour of media industry, classy entourage of short films and the recent buzz around his latest Bollywood film “Sweetie weds NRI” – lies a story of struggle , aspiration and the never give up attitude. The story of Cyrus pre-success merits narration more than his post success glamour as this is the story which will inspire millions to follow their dreams without a second thought and excel in the path they are destined to tread by almighty.


Dream of Shorts-

When an entire generation was aspiring to become Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini.  Cyrus was aspiring to build an industry which would produce Amitabh Bachchans and Hema Malinis . Not deterred by lack of industry contact, minimal Entrepreneurship experience , non entertainment background and absolutely no one to hold his hand – Cyrus embarked on a journey of building ‘SHAMIANA’ brick by brick . ‘SHAMIANA’ a short film haven was a very unique idea with no template to follow- this was a curse and blessing both at the same time and this is where Cyrus adopted positive outlook , turned every adversity into opportunity to build a huge short film empire we know as SHAMIANA .

SHAMIANA is what introduced the Asian audience to the brilliance of parallel cinema with shorts like “Marry me, Little Terrorist, Silencer, Hotel Flirt, The Sharpener and the Kid, Free Hugs video and Epilogue of a Friendship “  Cyrus introduced short films for an audience who had the inertia of watching 120 mins long feature films. The break was however welcoming.


Overcoming Hurdles-

What is most striking about Cyrus is his gift of overcoming every hurdle thrown at him . This is specially an eye opener for entrepreneurs who back out of their ventures because of lack of funding. The vicious VC stories and another excuse to kill their dreams to follow the rat race called normal life.  SHAMIANA was an unique and unheard of concept and it made it excruciatingly difficult to mold it into a framework which will make it comprehensible for the VCs.

Everyone who heard him wondered how can someone start a company and make profits by showing movies in a cafe. Such an activity hardly passes as a hobby. Cyrus got lectured by VCs –with portfolio of cutting edge start-ups- on how his idea is doomed and how one should actually build a company. But the old age saying-“the fool did not know it was impossible”.

3 years post his Trysts with VCs Shamina grew to over 25 cities and became the biggest name in short films while most of the marvellous start-ups funded by the VCs got erased from the book of start-up history.


Cyrus the man today-  

Today  standing in 2017. Cyrus is still the fascinating story teller I had met 3 years back. We can still make you feel warm and welcome- just a little change now he is also the producer of an upcoming feature film “Sweetie weds NRI”. Today he is featured in every leading national print magazine and is just a step away from becoming a household name.  Cyrus had never failed to inspire me with his passion for his work and a desire to create an indelible mark in the world of short films. Wish he create more shorts of magic and feed colours in the life of his audience.

Cheers to Shorts

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The comfort zone conspiracy

The 2016 American presidential election, Brexit and some terrorist activities in United Kingdom and Europe has given birth to a number of conspiracy theories. A little deep dive resulted in a number of YouTube videos with such crazy conspiracies that baffles even the sanest of the minds. But if we narrow down our scope and look just around us –do you see any conspiracy?

No right- No cheating boyfriends/husbands. No imminent political or cultural threat. We are immune aren’t we?

But take a closer look and you will realize you yourself is breeding and nurturing the most degrading conspiracy around you.

Comfort Zone Conspiracy –

Do you know the dictionary definition of conspiracy? It is a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act. Rings a bell.

No I am not taking about the stupid tricks you pulled out during your teenage days. Those were obnoxious act and you should repent for it but what you are conspiring along with the universe for your own self is even more derogatory. You are allowing the universe to create a comfort zone around you which is cozy, cut off from the world and comforting. This comfort zone looks relaxing but it is – in reality a slow poison which will eventually choke you to death.

The comfort zone is the most harmful place to be if you are in your early thirties and late twenties. You have achieved some amount of success and you think you are going just well and you seem to become complacent. But you are not realizing that even unused iron rusts.

Yes, it is true.

Becoming an assistant manager or consultant or product manager is not the end of your ambitious journey. You are just getting started.

How it kills the best minds-


The moment you hit 25 years of having spent your time on planet earth – your family gets finicky about your settling down. Now what they mean is you get married, have kids and do everything that conventional family people do in the social setting but the simple idea of settling down is so disturbing. It is quite common everywhere to push everyone else in a certain bucket and make sure that he/she remains in that buckets. This creates a safe zone the comfort zone where the propensity of risk is pretty low and people are sure of what they are going to wake up to next morning.

But unconsciously it kills the potential of becoming someone better, someone greater and more awesome. The age old adage “Curiosity killed the cat” has actually killed lot more cats than curiosity has. Such saying and though process has actually cocooned us in the safe comfort zone where we can be controlled rather than letting us explore and reach to our true potential.

The moment you get satisfied with a good house, a Porche (I have Honda-Porche is just another dream ) milestone, decent job and annual foreign trips. The curiosity decaying process starts from within.  It slowly kills the spark that god had destined for you and you become just another living being consuming oxygen and contributing to Global warming.

Get up you are born for greater good 🙂

How to get out of the comfort zone-

comfort-zone comic

Be Curious- Be curious about everything around you. An intellectual curiosity will go a long way in reversing your aging process. It will revitalize you and will give you a reason to wake up every morning – not just to go for a jog and job but to learn something new, leave back a trail and move ahead of your own predefined milestone.

Learn something- Learn a new language, new dish, new culture or maybe about the person who is sharing your bed and is madly in love with you. Maybe you have not learnt to love him/her yet. Maybe you should learn a little more about your ownself as in why is this man/woman is so insanely in love with you J

Join a community-  You are a Product manager with Amazon. You are changing the world. Great job well done . Now go out and contribute back to the society which is not as previledged (intellectually and financially) as you are. I know of a couple of entrepreneurs who have crazy busy lives but yet they make a way to contribute back to the society in different possible ways. Trust me people such as these men have restored my faith in humanity and global well being.

Take up a personal assignment– Not everyone can become an entrepreneur and startup . But you can always start a little project that you are passionate about. It can be something as simple as reading 60 books in one year. Starting a movie review website. Building an open source  platform. Crowdfunding website. The list is endless. You just need to get out of your lazy pants.

In conclusion- life will show you the worse, but be happy that you had your shot at seeing the worse at a young age. Good times follow sooner than later and always remember no mistake is too big to spoil your entire life if you are determined to turn the table back. Be intellectually curious and never give in to the comfort zone conspiracy and you will be just good 🙂

PS:  I am working on a crowd sourcing website to help people overcome their biggest mistakes of life. Any input/volunteering efforts are welcome.

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“ Make India Great Again”


I remember being introduced to the concept of politics at a young age of 17 when Barack Obama was enthralling the crowd with his campaign rally -“ Yes, we can”[ Read in a British accent, it sounds so damn cool] . Then college  happened and I lost that thing called a cultured life. 2 years short of a decade we again witnessed a brutal 18 months long American election campaign with two distinctive campaigns “Stronger Together and “Make America Great Again”  hitting national and international televisions (after all America was about to elect the most powerful man in the free world) .

Last November we all witnessed the historic victory of “Make America Great Again” and since then the world knows how great a path America is treading. Recently someone from the Toastmasters International community came forward and said that – after coming back from a European Union trip he realized how much potential is brewing in India. He said during an educational session that India should use this opportunity (H1B visa ban) to create opportunities within the country and reach greater heights.

Asia is definitely the next big thing when it comes to business with countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia making for a culminative GDP of 27,464 billion USD.

So what is holding back these countries from growing into becoming super powers themselves.

Coming back to India- we have always proclaimed about our superior moral and ethical values and cultural norms and given the fact that India has shown a growth of 7.6% last fiscal year what is stopping this huge country from becoming the next superpower?


The Indian citizen of Israeli origin took me into deep thinking when he said that visa ban and turbulent geopolitical conditions back west is an opportunity for India to make itself great again. If you live in Bangalore or Mumbai (I haven’t lived in Delhi so cant comment) You will realize that there is a parallel universe of start-ups and SMEs are booming with no bounds. Young people are giving up their plush corporate ambitions to work out of a garage and are going heights with their efforts and excellence. The skyscrapers of Mumbai are housing corporate biggies and Indian born start-ups under the same roof and this view is breathtaking.

So, isn’t India going great??


What else should be done to make India great again?

  • Diversification and upholding living standard. If you are going to ask what is the most striking difference between India and the United States? I will vehemently emphasize on the standard of living. The biggest thing that strikes the eye once you start cruising through Chicago, Seattle or SFO highways it is the cleanliness. There will be mad traffic, there will be some badass pedestrian but the cleanliness and a general acceptance of  rules without pot bellied police officers will amaze you. Airports are equally horrible and you will feel better landing in CSIA (Chatrapatti Shivaji International Airport) than the JFK Airport.  Domestic flights are a bigger hassle in the states than in India.

So isn’t India great already 🙂 ?

Unfortunately it isn’t (YET) but a little effort by our government and economist and I dare say socialists -by creating proper taxing slab for the rich to invest in diversification and upholding the standard of living at least in the metros.


  • Atypical Indian Hypocrisy- There is a major thing Indians need to get over with- it is what I call the acceptance hypocrisy. We go pubbing, gulp down alcohol, proclaim to lead a western life but then when it comes to accepting the western culture wholeheartedly we chicken out.




Why is it ok to visit a club for drinks but at the same breath it is not ok to be a part time janitor?

Why is it such a big societal standards issue when a college goer wants to tend tables at a nearby restaurant for pocket money?

Why do parents spoil their kids with money when they have done nothing to earn it?

You want to adopt a western culture-don’t be comfortably selective. Adopt everything. 


I remember once in Pune, India- I was driving down to work and I saw my neighbor waiting on for her kids schools bus. I offered her a lift and she gave me the look as though I was a kidnapper. I understood and told her that I will do so for 2$ (say 100 rupee) and then I never heard from her again.


That was a golden opportunity for a symbiotic economic transaction but yeah that is not the part of western culture that gets glorified in India.


You want to make India great again, invest in the coming generation. Dont pile them up with books and ask them to enter the rat race of mindless competitive examination. Re-define the definition of winning in life and the concept of holistic success. Teach them that no job is small .

Take the name of Goldman Sachs and Teach for India at the same breath and with equal respect(personal take- I find professors to be hotter than semi bald Investment bankers ;P )


You might be an IAS officer but never hesitate to tend to the garden of your neighbor in return for say a 100 $.  India is predominantly famous for creating the caste system and one way or the other the country is suffering the consequences even today.


Let’s break this stereotype and accept every job, every work with respect and help each other to eventually make India great again

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New Year Resolution of a late 20 something

Looking back ,I wonder how much I have grown through the years. There was a time when my usual new year resolutions used to  be “Read more Books“, “Do something creative“, the global one “Loose weight“.  I remember once having a new year resolution as “buy the Mac eye makeup range “.

I am 26+ now rolling towards the obnoxious 30s when your career and bank balance starts to matter less and what matter more is your marital status and age of the first child. Yes, everything people told you growing up about ambition and success is a lie . It hit me quite recently when my super supportive and ambitious mum told me well all I ever want from you is- for you marry someone from our community and settle down.

As 2017 (I was born on 17th sept so –17 is one of my dream year) comes closer and the stage curtain starts to pull up I come forward with my 2017 resolution . It amazes me to realize these resolutions are so way apart from the ones I used to have while I was comparatively younger.

  1. Stay Happy: The solo Europe trip that you are going to undertake in February wont be the most phenomenal trip of your life until and unless you learn to be happy. You have suffered all your life for the one goal of getting into Northwestern University and you are almost standing on the doors now(in spite of all the problem that followed) you made it. Now you deserve to be happy 🙂 PS- no matter what the world thinks you have quite a pretty smile.
  2. You cannot make everyone happy-DONT TRY ANYMORE: Gone are the days when an extra A+ used to bring a smile in your mums face, now the only thing that will make happy will make you miserable so ditch that and grow on your own terms.
  3. Open doors: Open door at work outside of work at your own venture, do anything and everything to create more opportunities. Meet new people, make new connections. If you feel like fall in love again with the old one or maybe someone new . Be open to possibilities and happiness. Life is a very short game, don’t be the quarterback anymore. Every people you meet will influence your life in a good or bad way. There will be the bad ones but the good once are worth the risk.
  4. Work harder: No matter you are going back to school or still stuck at your dead-end thankless job. Work harder and become indispensable. Work is the only thing that pays and if you feel you don’t have a life. Always remember it is way better to have money and no life rather than no money no life.
  5. Dogs are good:  That is the only living creature who does not really have much expectation from you and will be there even when you feel so lonely.



Break the stereotype, become more understanding and overall let it go. It is always more peaceful to have a life of expectations and full of surprises rather than the anxiety of the unknown jumping boats fulfilling expectation two consecutive generation.







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Weight loss will be bitter sour

Do you know what America’s biggest problem is? Other than smoking, drinking, second amendment, drugs and Donald Trump. It is obesity.

Obesity is not only Americas problem-it is rather a global problem and weight loss is the biggest pain in the ass, even more than a rapacious over expecting boss at work or jackass of a boyfriend.


 Because with a little talent you can dump your boss and even without talent you can always dump your jackass boyfriend- but you cannot- with or without skills dump your weight.



The scary facts floating online is 2 or 3 adults are considered to be overweight and obese and more than 1 in 20 are considered to be extremely obese. This is scarier than breaking the 66th  seal and letting Satan out. Though the audience univocally blame desk job, crazy work hours and denied normal life to the main culprit. I would say alcohol, cheese burger, KFC’s double down and not to mention high calorific energy drinks as the main Satan.

Let’s not site the obvious and jump to the brief of millions of web pages and thousands of Youtube videos. What exactly do you need to do to lose weight? While you may be tempted to read millions of lines howling how much calories you need to lose, how many push ups a day and the obnoxious 100 abs a day to get a presentable belly. I am sure the sheer amount of information and the pending work deadlines with dreadful VBA Macros giving you overslept nights ( I tend to oversleep when I am in anxiety )will kill all your weight loss enthusiasm and you will eventually drift down to the melancholy of being overweight- thinking- I still hot even with some extra kgs.

I am sure this rings a bell 😉

The first leap towards a beach body should be accepting a bitter sweet life and breaking your complex weight loss journey into smaller chucks and solving it like a consultant (pardon my obsession with consulting  )

This is how I roll in life.

Bitter Sour

Remember Green Tea is bitter and Sweat is sour. 🙂

This one line briefly sums up your journey. Weight loss is nothing but a combination of working out and maintaining proper diet. While you can run your own permutation and combination with these two the resultant solution will more or less be the same.

So get ready to welcome the bitter taste of green tea, papaya shake and some more bitter gourd. Wait, don’t get scared yet. The fact is you don’t need to – well green tea makes a cut for it but not the other two obnoxious appetite killing god made horrors.


Grilled chicken on skewer

Be analytical even at home

The sexiest thing about weight loss is- it is quantifiable. You can measure, assimilate and plan accordingly. It is not like love when you are not sure of the validity of the statement even when someone explicitly spells it out for you. Strange world I know.

The basic trick to lose 1kg a week is to create a 7700 calories deficit a week. Considering the case of a women. She needs 2000 calories a day- lets reduce it by 500 calories and make it  approximately 1500 calories a day in food intake. This can include a steak, chowder soup and Ribs provided you don’t cross your calorie limit. Treat it at par your AAA credit limit of your card .

Once you have achieved this, take a morning run burning around 500 calories. This will be a 2 km of constant running or a split between running and normal walking with some side hops for 4.6 Km. The morning run will not only break the sour sweat but will also wake your brain for a smarter and happier day. Try it, first few days will be exhausting but then you won’t be able to do without it.

Day is done – I assume you reach home by 9 PM (if your schedule is as messed up as mine). Once you reach home you have this crazy craving for good food. Go treat yourself and then go for another run burning approximately what you are going to treat yourself with.

Looks complicated? No it isn’t . It is just like redemption for your sins even before you commit them.

This habit will slowly make you a little less sinner with every passing day.

I love my beer:

I know you love your beer. Personally I don’t know how it feels like as I never had a relationship with that beverage but I am surrounded by people who cannot sleep without her. (Sad state of situation I know ). Try to take a break from visiting this love every day. Indulge in something else instead, maybe replace weekend drinking with weekend tennis or squash session. Join a Toastmasters club or become a co founder of a fitness club. Start a running club and make new friends or search for one in meetup.com. There is more to life that sitting over idle drinks and gossip.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Eyes Potential Purchase Of Rival Miller



How Do I Compensate for other Yummy Food?

One word answer- Cook.

When you want to eat something really yummy, don’t just walk into a restaurant and order it- try and cook it at home or ask your cook to make it. Hire a new cook and cook along with him/her. Homemade food will always have less calories than the one you get in the restaurants. They are treating the masses; you are treating the class-yourself J



You are beautiful or Handsome, you are intelligent, you are ambitious. You are unique in this world and no matter what happens there will be never be another you walking this planet. So never ever indulge in your weight loss journey just because your spouse or partner feels that you need to shed some kgs or they feel you look unattractive. This is your body and the sole reason you are walking this bitter sour road to weight loss because you want to feel more confident and rush some blood in your brains to make them smarter and eventually have a long and prosperous life.





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The most unbiased post on the United States Presidential Election 2016.

If you are following the US elections closely and during the odd hours at work sneak into the Youtube comments- you will experience a cringe worthy feeling on the blame and shame game scenario going around the US election for presidency 2016. One of the strongest economic power in the world with the astounding nuclear Triad- has somehow gotten themselves in a position where two major political party nominee (Oval office aspirants) are spreading malice and hatred across the board.

When did we succeed by spreading hatred and emphasising on the wrongdoing of the others rather than focusing on what we are going to do for upliftment. As Bill Maher rightly said in his show- nerdy policies and real work is not really sexy when it comes to politics.



The country is divided between whether they should vote to make America great again or should stand stronger together. All said and done, for an Indian Passport holder who has plans on opting for US citizen- this election is more than just an eye opener.

We all know politics is synonyms to dirt, where each party candidate is not hesitant to shame the other candidate on their personal activities and the repulsive skeletons in their closet. And The media with all due hard work gets diverted too quickly and gets busy to glorify the scandals in which the party nominees were involved.

However, moving away from the media created hype and noise and the shuttering cameras, if you are still an undecided voter after the second presidential debate and the Lewd tape comments and the wikileaks, emails and cosiness to big banks -here are some points which not only Americans but any undecided voter should consider.



1)      Work experience of the candidate:

Compare this with a general professional’s scenario. A person’s salary, promotions and other opportunities magnifies with relevant work experience. And when it comes to occupying the oval office it gets beyond regular policy making or entrepreneurship work experience and it focuses more on someone who has a better understanding of the economy. Through understanding of the economy and skill at prioritizing options and has a hard skin to withstand the calamities which are bound to befall on them.


Republican candidate: Entrepreneur and an atypical salesman who is selling his campaign with ideas to protect America against ISIS.

An outsider to the Washington- he is someone who is likely to bring in fresh ideas and new approach. A winner, when it comes to drawing a big crowd and he has some popularity among the masses.

However, electing a narcissist, bigot and someone with a phobia against a particular religious group is not a very strong trait for someone looking to be elected as the president of United States. A thin skinned man who is not aversive to the idea of using nuke is certainly a nightmarish kind of situation not only for US but for the entire globe.

After all we don’t want a World War III right?

Democratic Candidate: First woman nominee in a country which lost their collective mind when a all women Ghostbusters was proposed . Secretary Clinton is more than what meets the eye, an extremely decisive woman who had the strength to fight personal and professional hurdles and emerge as a winner throughout.

An woman of substance who might not be an effective sales person but has an through understanding of the economy, policies and international relation. Someone who do not campaign on the popular ideas of hatred towards Mexicans and Muslims and talk about building walls and creating a canopy on the biggest economy on the planet.

The choice is yours .

2)      Difference between personal and professional opinion:

It is hilarious how men is power exploit women in every possible way. Having been encountered something similar in my professional space I can so correlate to the survivors of abuse. It is even more strikingly shocking that both Donald Trump and Ex president Bill Clinton are accused of sexual abuse.  However breaking down both the cases projects a totally different picture. First- Bill Clinton is NOT running for president, it is his wife Hillary Clinton who is a different individual.

An individual who had to undergo the trauma of having a cheating husband and make peace with it. Someone who kept her faith in the institution of marriage strong and went on with life.  An overtly qualified woman who has travelled more than 100 countries negotiating and sealing deals for the United States. Someone who has worked for the benefit of the country not for personal wealth.

Republican Nominee: After the release of the Hollywood tape with Trump and Billy Bush. Supporters came up and said this was an isolated incident 10 years ago where he was engaging in Locker room banter.  I have some incredible and not so incredible men in my life and honestly both of the lot engages in talking about women. After all attractive women should be discussed about isn’t it?

However there is a big difference between the sayings, I want to kiss Pamela Andersen and I have deliberately kissed Pamela Andersen. Hope this makes some sense. Moving ahead- if Donald had really performed in action the claims he made, it clearly makes him a sexual offender. And if not then it makes him a high school lying brat.

Do you want either of them as your president?

Democratic Nominee:  Hillary’s unfavorability is not unknown to the masses however from the point of view of the election and her opponent- her case is of a person with mistakes. Mistakes are also the building blocks aren’t they? They help you learn and develop into a better professional- just saying.



The options are quite clear- America now has to choose between a potentially bad president and an alien narcissi, sex offender, white supremacist and bucket load of other bad things. A bad president, well America did have them before but Donald Trump is a different phenomenon in itself-

is America braced for this kind of an impact?


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The four horned Dragon

Bellowing fire, no restrain, myriad colours and acute vain.

Remember meeting this fellow in your beautiful dreams? The four horned dragon- a powerful creature resembling something like love, something like killer success, a delusion that life was going to be easy.  An impact or an organic drug which makes everything seems so right. The perfect house a real good night sleep and an absolutely promising morning.

However, the beauty of this four horned dragon is as you wake up from slumber, he disappears. His entire enigma, his grandeur and the illusion of dreams moulding to reality just vanishes in a puff of smoke and you are left behind turning the wheel of life just like you did the previous day. Morning slides to afternoon lunch, they gradually morph into the evening walk and slowly with the sun your energy slides behind the mountain of exhaustion and you wake to another similar day just with another cross in the calendar.

Let the dragon stay:


One of my wildest fantasies these days is to make the dragon stay. To see everything the dragon has shown me materialises into reality and live the life of grandeur but you cannot hold to smoke and every time with a little step in time I see the dragon disappear without a warning. Last night  looking out of my blue window in the darkest hour of the night I saw someone. A shade of grey, but it is okay. Trustful eyes but deceiving otherwise. A moment of seduction-A moment of truth and I stepped into the inglorious dungeon that I was so hateful about years-no I guess days ago.

The only way to keep the dragon stay is to respond and conquer. Respond to life and conquer yourself. How many times in your life have you had the lesson for right and wrong?

From family, friends, books of gods and peachy people. They all talk about one life, one love sanctity, religion and a delusion of a perfect life. However beneath all these preachy statements they strategically camouflage  the real meanings and experiences of life. They try to bind us in the illusion of karma and “things eventually figure out” conundrum. The fact is –as harsh as it may sound- THEY DONT . They never do and will never work unless you get and get it doing.

1)      Conquer yourself: So many battles fought, so huge an army gathered, so many territories won and still you are not at peace? The first thing that I realised that I needed to do to get my story straight was to conquer myself. Trust me it is not at all a tall task. Look at it like nirvana. Refrain from the things that tempt you the most. Step up and look up beyond the pain of heartbreak and grinding pain of being so close to where you want to be and still so far. No I am not asking you to be Buddha. Just conquer your expectations and be firm that you will not budge an inch, make no more compromised unless and until you get your story straight and land up exactly where you wanted to be . It might be torturous; the road may look winding and dwindling somewhere to a destination you detest. But you will never be a phoenix unless you burn not slowly and painful but once and for all.

2)      Write down the tiny steps: You know what attracts things towards more than drunken revelry. It is writing down what you need and letting the universe hear it, see the glittery behind your moist eyes. The furious passion unwinding like casual breeze and then transform into earth wrenching storm. Once you know where you are heading it gets better, everyday gets better.

3)      Let Go: Yes let go, anything and everything which is not making you happy. Get one thing straight in this excruciatingly fast life there is no second chances and do not give anything a second chance just because you still have bouts of emotion and innocence left in you. Let whatever soft remains of you become hard and the hard and brutal part even harder until and unless you are the stone effigy they can’t touch.  Some loose knots can’t be tightened and let them be so. Don’t try to explain and connect every dot. If you feel anything slipping out of your fingers just have one open confrontation and then close your door without looking back again. You will never more ahead and explore new territories unless you let go of the past. Let go of every earthly emotion, let go of any affection. Don’t waste time analysing the enigmas of right and wrong that is unfathomable. Don’t try looking at signs they are deceiving. Be on the table and bring things on the table and make it crystal clear with no hidden agendas.

4)      There is no ulterior motive: When life gets tough it is not an indication that things will get better sooner or later. It is a sign that you have been fooling around a lot and it is high time you have to pull up your socks otherwise it will just get worse from here. Don’t believe me look at things unbiased and you will realise. Parents love you and they want you to be happy more than anyone else so they will console and convince you to adopt a middle ground with life but in reality that does not work out. Be strong –Be staunch and let go . Forge the gold inside of you and emerge better than anyone else ever. Once you reach this level of awesomeness everything else just follows.

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Defence against the dark arts.

Let me reveal a big bedroom secret of mine. At 1:23 AM, just 4 hours before I have to catch those detested yet much flaunted early morning flights. You will find me lying with Harry potter Books. Yes, I am 26 and I delve into ministry of magic and secrets of the magical world to keep my present at bay.

No I don’t really have an unfathomable miserable life; neither am I in the first stages of Parkinson’s diseases however this little recluse from the mundane world energises me to leap forward in the day ahead.

If you are a big Potter head as I am, I am quite sure you have tried drawing an analogy between the world of magic and muggles. Haven’t you?

And the magic here is, both the worlds are so strikingly similar in so many aspects . In both these worlds we are trying to defend ourselves against the dark arts. Don’t we?


The biggest darkness in my life till date has been me and my comfort zone. I have been such a reckless and selfish person that I have had never ever made an attempt to look beyond my comfort zone. And even If I have had done so, trust me I had dark ulterior reasons behind it. So if at the age of 26 I want to remove these dark spells that I have cast on myself and make an attempt to do the undone I have to devise some spells for myself and there in the ungodly hour of the night I did the undone.

Create a polyjuice potion with your own frizzy hair to transform yourself into the you that you are. Yes I know there are too many you in the line but that is exactly what we have been missing out on life. Haven’t we?

It is actually quite simple, either we take charge and decide our course of action in life or life does it for us. When we are young and vulnerable everything that crosses our sparkling eyes looks like an opportunity. The easier it is to attain it the better it seems.  Our pros and cons analysis seems vague and we build a sand castle amidst a rugged storm.

And why do we solely blame ourselves for it. It is the dark arts of life. Thousand mouths and thousands of opinions from every direction. Some people like me who find it too hard to let go gets trapped with wrong circumstances and people without much galore.


So the tripping solution here is to have a plan. A rational, executable plan . I know the plan doesn’t work and it leave you stranded, but it always better to have that plan so that even if it does not work out as perfectly as expected some parts of it will keep your sanity on.  We will not end up responding to opportunities that life chooses to put in our way, we will wait for the better suited one. Having a plan helps us keep our sanity on and helps in forging a path which leads to a direction where we really want to go and we will eventually land up being in a place where we actually see ourselves.

The sooner, the better.

Run far and run fast:

I remember getting this advice in a context which really made my big eyes bigger and devastated my faith in humanity, but later I realised, it is ok-it is a loss for the humanity.


Run fast and run far away from anything that is remotely negative or will deviate you from your path of action. Trust me 99.99% of the times; dreams are killed because we pay so much attention to what the world has to say and where it is leading us. Look deeper into your dreams and you will eventually realise why have you, even if unconsciously chosen it for yourself.

Accio life:

So wake up, turn on your magic wand can cast the accio spell on life. It is beautiful, even within its failures, rejections, dejections, unfair rules and heartbreaks there is an acute beauty hidden waiting for you. You just need to move out of that comfort zone, and pack yourself for that heavenly abode. I have seen loads of people struggle but none of them gave up home and see they all rise and shine. The only defence against the dark arts of life is to budge from the comfort shell and explore the world without inhibitions.



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