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Internet and me!!!

My big brown eyes looked bigger than ever , I felt goosebumbs all over my body.i looked around only to see everyone as normal as a swine in the mud pool. Even beathing human found there were busy arranging themselves … Continue reading

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the pianinst is still playing, the jazz player is so engrossed that he doesnt realize the red wine trembling so close to him. the dim golden light of the hall were bright enought only to see the love in the … Continue reading

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Being Normal……

A very major question that haunts the human mind a lot of time. it ruthlessly attacks them in the shower , while shopping , while watching a boring daily soap, while combing the hairs, even sometimes while making out…. yeah … Continue reading

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A Visit to Pakistan ….

A rash observer will blame Pakistan for the plight in which it has landed itself. But the real responsibility lies on the shoulders of the US. It is easy to slot Pakistan, but difficult to comprehend how it ticks. The … Continue reading

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True love Unveiled…

I stood on the broken bridge, dangling with green leafy creepers, swollen ,rotten iron ..rusted rods jutting out like the skeleton  of a long abandonded dead body . every move that I made on its body , it shook like … Continue reading

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My grief is like a river….

My grief is like a river  i have to let it flow  but i myself determined  just where the banks will go some days the current takes me in waves of guilt and pain but there are always quite pools  … Continue reading

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I Found Myself ….

” in the dry , sarcastic god forbidden soil of KIIT university…for the first time in life i opened my eyes to see a streak of bright light flashing thru…laying bak on my hostel bed and staring at the half … Continue reading

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My Last Wish….

for a few moments …. the sun hides..behind the clouds, and the light grows hazy my heart sinks i ask myself , is this the end????… i have had my fill of many pleasures, this world has to offer i … Continue reading

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Once in a while…..

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there,to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson,or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to … Continue reading

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The last call…

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Today, I have set my soul free. My soul has awaken me, from a long journey of emotions that i can’t bear anymore. Today, I found myself looking into that crystal ball of dreams and hopes that have been shattered … Continue reading

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