Being Normal……

A very major question that haunts the human mind a lot of time. it ruthlessly attacks them in the shower , while shopping , while watching a boring daily soap, while combing the hairs, even sometimes while making out…. yeah the question is M I NORMAL?????

last night when i put of the lights of my small dingy room , closed my eyes to sleep .BAMM sleep said a “no…” AGrrr… whats next , so i sat up , put on my thinking caps n yeah tried to analysize and joth down some points which might be called as the definition of being normal !!! it was at that time that bright red book allured me with itz real stricking (dazzling infact) cover . and see what i found …………… i found the definition of being normal right there…

“So here goes some deep thought points or rather instances when on i said to be normal”

1) Normal is anything that makes us forget who we r or what we want, it motivates us to produce and reproduces and simply earn money

2)Setting up real set of rules and regulation  for wagging wars

3)Studying years @ the university , struggling hard only to find out at the end that you r unemployable

4)Working form 9 to 5 in a day that gives you no pleasure at all so that just after 30 yrs you can retire and sit back @home

5)Retiring and discovering that you have no more energy left in you to enjoy life and u r dying in few yr out of sheer boredom

6)using botox

7)beliveving that power is much more important that money and money is much more important that happiness

8)Making fun of anyone who is seeking happiness instead of money , and accusing them of not being ambitious.

9)Never talking to stangers

10)believeing that your parents r always right

11)Getting married, having  childern and staying together long after LOVE has all died.

12)Waking up every moring to a hysterical alarm clock by ur bed side.

13)believeing absolutely anything that appears in print

14)Wearing that scrap of coloured cloth around your neck which has no apparent meaning except an answer to “tie”

15)Never asking a direct question even when the other person know what is it that u want to know

16)Keeping that fake smile on ur lips even when ur on the verge of tear (very applicable to females i guess)

17)Believing that Art is either worth a fortune or worth nothing at all

18)Despising anything that is easy to achieve

19)Following fashion trends blindly no matter how ridiculous it may be

20)Believeing that all famous ppl have tons of saved money

21) investing a fortune on extenal beaty while not caring at all about the internal one

(who long will ur external beauty last.. Oley says ” ageing starts as early as 25 .. n i believe we all r 21 by nw… 4 mores yrs..!!!!* scared*)

22)Using all means to show that although u r just another ordinary person but u r far above the other mortals

23)Nevrer looking at anyone in the eyes while travelling in public transport, scared of the fact that it may be asumed that u may be paasing out signs *fishy*

24)Standing facing the door in the lift , pretending that u r the only person standing ,regardless the crowd

25)never laughing too loudly in the resturant , no mater how good the joke was

26)always dress accoring to the season bare arms in spring (no matter hw cold) and woolen jackets in autum ( no matter how worm)

27)Going to a charity tea party , assuming u have done to bit in abolishing inequality

28)Eating 3 times a day even if u r not hungry .

29)believeing that other ppl r better than u , so be confined in ur own conjested domain

30)using ur car as a weapon ( hope i need not explain)

31)swearing when in heavy traffic

32)believeing whatever ur spoucse does is only and souly because of his company. (* sponce includes ur boyfirnd and girlfnds)

33)Marying the person who gives u a decent position in the society ( love can wait )

34)Posponding doing the real intersting things in life for the later phrase , when you really dont have tym.

35)avoidind depresssion with daily dose of television , movie, drink and yeah “weed*

36)Assuming women dont lyk football and men hate cooking and home decoration

37)blaming the government for all the bad things that has happend

38)thinking that a decent sober ,and respected person means u r weak , vulnarable and easy to manipulate

39)being convined that aggreesion and rudeness are synomys of a “powerful personality”

40)Being afraid of endoscopy( if a man) and giving birth (if a woman)

Now, done ..yeah the list is over for now..coz if i write more u will starts cursing for wasting ur precious tym whic u would have otherwise spend sleeping , watching some same old feakd out movie or even better talking nonsense to some random girl or guy over the phone:P:)

so , u see .. 9 out of every 10 person we meet r actually normal… so next tym anyone calls u abnormal..FORWARD THIS LINK TO THEM)




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