Internet and me!!!

My big brown eyes looked bigger than ever , I felt goosebumbs all over my body.i looked around only to see everyone as normal as a swine in the mud pool. Even beathing human found there were busy arranging themselves and looking for a place to rest there B***S. blabbering something still appreciating my masi;s sari and cursing the mosquitoes who were really excited to find a well fed sweet bloated bengoli family in the god forsaken suderban villa after ages.

The maali came inside with a broad smile in his face ( after all he was confronting human race after decades) , welcomed us and said “ saabji , this is natures lap , you have everything here , water , air , sunlight and momentary view of lovely animals. Wow!! Such an amazing thing , no I am not sarcastic , look at the pleasure in the eyes of my mother who was constanly vomiting on her way to this place , it seemd like she had attained salvation. My dad had a proud “itz my choice “wala look in his face, but !! but please someone for a change ask  me if I am happy, wether I really wanna stay in this place without INTERNET.

Yes!! This is a totally undeniable fact that life without  internet , is like living in the stone age, ok not let me show a bit of empathy, it like being in the Mesopattamian civilization. Where u have a properly clad family , u behave like human ( have cooked food, and not have sex in public) but u r so damm CUT OFF from everything .

Honestly for me , when I am on a vaction rather being more precise when I am not at work all I need is a electricity ,decent food , and yeah!! A very decent Internet connection. I mean imagine a day when u don’t get to check your mail. The Igoogle layout entices you but u have no way to see what is new in your google reader . which new product Jobs (Apple guy) is planning to lauch and what is the market status of Iboy (latest apple product)

Imagine u do not get to login your FACEBOOK homepage after evry 3 to 4 hrs, cut of from who updated what. Who is RVSPing to which recent happening. The latest breakup your neighbour had, and the new guy in the adject duplex is in a relationship or not. Who tagged your most ugly pic n who switched job from IBM to OMG!! Chevron. Imagine not twitting in 2 hours , even more pathetic not getting tweets from those crazy crazy people you follow. U don’t know what TOI has to say nor what TELEGRAPH is publishing ( and if u a freelance u will understand my curiousity to find out which new guy is writing what) .

I sighed!! Looked at my mom with eyes asking “can you please tell me (tentatively) when r we supposed to leave?” she was too over enthusiactic to understand what I was literally speaking what will she understand the statement of my eyes .( too dramatic…whatsoever ). I packed in myself and went upstair to yeah enjoy the starlit sky. (ok one confession this one beauty of nature does overpowers me). Up there i realized how things have changed and these quantum of data has precisely became our lives. Today even when I am with my family , friends and direct in the lap of nature this internet is making me feel pathetic and incomplete. I guess the feeling is worse that missing your love ( ok I don’t believe in love anymore , but as stated by society ). But then all of a sudden,I saw something miraculous, something that brought a grin in my face , yeah I noticed by brothers blackberry ..Lo n behold” I have a connectivity. in a giffy my mood brighten , half an hour I was done with the net basics and there I was down in the master room , laughing and chatting like never before with everyone with a feeling of complete satisfaction as I was n truly m updated ,and is in touch with everything in this planet like ever before.

“ all credit goes to third generation technology”

-Amrita Sarkar


About Asarkr

A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact:
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4 Responses to Internet and me!!!

  1. Ashish Modi says:

    Indeed.. felt the same a few times when visited my native village..but couldn’t express the feelings so beautifully.. 🙂 Good piece.. 🙂

  2. Yes, the internet has changed quite a few things about everything!
    Nice read.

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