My Last Wish….

for a few moments ….
the sun hides..behind the clouds, and the light grows hazy
my heart sinks
i ask myself , is this the end????…
i have had my fill
of many pleasures, this world has to offer
i have suffered pain ,shed tears
been betrayed by friends and befriended betrayers
as the inevitable climax draws near
one last thought
on the few unwritten pages left still in my diary
let me not dwindle inch by inch
like the tapering candle
ending without a flicker.
let mine be the exit of a meteor
swift , abrupt
one last burst of fire
into the releams of the unknown
would it please thee, to grant this ultimate wish……..


About Asarkr

A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact:
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