The last call…

Today, I have set my soul free.
My soul has awaken me,
from a long journey of emotions that
i can’t bear anymore.
Today, I found myself looking into
that crystal ball of dreams and hopes
that have been shattered so long ago.
I asked myself why have
i allowed you to hurt me for so long,
in so many ways that you could never see or
feel the suffering that my soul has felt.
I thought I was strong enough to change you but
the only person I was changing was myself
I thank you for this long journey
because you made me stronger
to accept that is time
to let you go and to accept that
things will never changes
I finally see that after this long journey


About Asarkr

A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact:
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