the pianinst is still playing, the jazz player is so engrossed that he doesnt realize the red wine trembling so close to him.

the dim golden light of the hall were bright enought only to see the love in the eyes of the person sitting next to you , so what the love came with an expiry , or rather ( even better) meant to be only for that perticular hour of the night as long as there is violins and xylophones chruning out long buried emotions from long abandond graves.

“welcome!!! “.. he said ” you are late … but still i am happy you came, i thought you will never turn up ”

i smiled, ” thanks ” …hmm excuse me ” Do i know you by any chance????”

He smiled ” you dont know me” …..*grins* ” i am reality, your reality …everyones true face which they hide behiind a veil , i am deception , i am betrayal , how can you not know me??? i reside everywhere ,in every person .

i have been the guest to everyones life ”

i was startled…” U R The ONe” .. ” i HaTE you”  ” Go Away”….

He started laughing …” U hate me… U should Thank me coz i let you live in your world so long, allowed you to enjoy  the virginity of innocence for so many years .. n you ungrateful creature , u HATE me..”

The music changed to waltz and the couples in the ballroom took to the floor. bright white, maroon , beige gowns with long frills swashed through the ballroom. men in dark suite looked more sauve then ever. they reflected  masuline power for  possession of delicate bodies so close in there arms.

He put his hand forward , n pulled me closer and approached the dance floor…

“You didnt bother to ask for my permission????” i snarled…..

“Asked your permission for dance????? i didnt even ask for your permission when i entered your life in disguise , at the time when you were headstrong , confident and untouched by my evil hands……. why shoulld i ask nw ???when you are shattered and trampled by my hands…. when you r too weak to build your castle of trust again…. when you have given haterd a place in your love bloomed heart??”

The music rose and he held me closer, his cold breath touched my face and i turned it in disgust . My eyes refused contact …not to avoid those bitter grey eyes but to hide my own tears so that evil should never know who weak it has made me, so shatterd my soul is ..n that i am stiill trying to collect my broken pieces . He understud my so evident pain and me sit near the huge glass screen …which overlooked the big fresh pool whose water looked green decieveing its blue form with various lights and shadows. human form with masked faces stood near it edge , with passion in there eyes and haterd in there hearts…

” I cant take this.. this is not the world i wanted to be in “…. “YOU WIN!!!”…”Let me go back … let me go back to the time , when all that your worse day had was your Mom not talking to you with that smile in her face becoz you didnt complete your homework”………

” take me back to the days , where you get angry over your best friend just becoz your best friend didnt ask you to come to her place to have orange juice”

“where the only complains you had to god was ” WHY was it raining at 5 p.m , its my time to play”…….

“exams were the only reason of worry” “Love was so pure and you had it for everyone, there was  no measure of emo tions”

” Tears fell from the eyes only when Dad refused to take you out on the Bright Sunday evening, or when a long planned picnic got cancelled”

” secrets comprised of trying to Wear your MOM’s favorite sari, or hiding one of your DAD’s cigars….. ”  “Guilt were for not eating that extra sandwich and throwing it out to the street dog , who sat there under the shade of your window wagging his tail.”

“Friends used be the soul mates.. and only matter of concern was how to get that MOM pleasing marks in the test”

He held my hand…” i know.. i have seen you then, i just loved your smile, your heartfelt laugh… and so i kept myself away from you this long, but eventually i fell insanely in love with you” ….”your smiled pricked me, my heart bleeded and so i came to your life in a form you could not avoid ….”

“you would have never accepted me if i stood there revealing my identity, so i came in a form which you could not resist ,…..i read your mind…saw you passion for power ..and i first stepped in your life as success”  “pushed you in the rat race of winning, the unsatitable hunger for more power , and there you fell in my trap”…..

BUT, you defied me… refuted my long unchallenged trick……you continued to be the one you were, still your eyes had the blinding spark….you still had that good night sleep which i hate in humans”  ” you still laughed loud deafening my ears.. !!!!

so, i read deeper into your heart … and then i saw something long hidden there..just in te middle of your heart …and that was “LOVE”   so, i just transformed myself and came to your life as love …which you wanted to avoid but it was so unavoidable in itself……

i became that worm wave which touches your feet on that moonlight night and you just close your eyes to devour it. i became the smell of the first rain which reaches you even when you close you doors to prevent the water drops from touching you.

i am that keliodoscope , which lookes so alluring form the  distance but is make of broken bangles which has caused that fair delicate hand to bleed when it broke.

i am that sand which you held in your hand , the mirage in the desert …the spark in your life which made you forget yourself.

I came as love in disguise in your life and trapping you forever in the maze of reality …..where trust breaks , Friends become strangers, people change ….but life goes on”

” My eyes released the long held drop on the white napkin placed on the table, it absorbed my tear like a long thirsty wanderer…..

” Reality of life became so clear in front of my eyes.. the gigantic zigsaw puzzle got solved…whatever happed to me was just a WELCOME to life… to reality ….to the human clan , where emtions have lost it definition , where frienship jst exsists in the dictionary”……

” This was definitely a WELCOME …but i was not ready to accept it at the cost of bidding good  bye too my long cherished life i was about to leave behind. i gatherd all my strength , stood up . looked directly into that cold grey eyes and spoken in partially choaked voice but deliberate stabilized voice :” I am not decieved, i am not broken…so what My trust has been brutally shatterd , so what i am startled  by some ppl, so what i am trapped in your maze…i still have an identity, i am still untouched….”  ” i still try to touch that big water drop outside the glass pane, i still love the bright rays of sun lightening my room every morning……..

“so what ! i have been left behind by some , so what so people dont have the strenghth to wipe of my tears…. so what i dont remeber when was the last time i laughed my heart out.. so what i am suffocated to death ..” I AM NOT  part of your made believe world”

He looked startled at my courage, he had the entire human race under his domain, every one felt it to be a preveiledge to belong to his teritory …

he mocked at my fragile form at making such attempts to defy his authority….

The watlz stooped and the couples parted waiting for the next crecendo to start. it was exctly then i looked out and i saw ” BELIEF” standing there outside the glass window….smiling his half smile which i always adored. He closed his eyes in assurance and i smiled back.”

“NO matter how broken i am, no matter how hapless you have made me… i still have belief with me” … He sometimes walks ahead but the stops and looks back to make sure i am following …

“NO !!!! he does not hold my hand in the rocky terrains,just as “DEception ” n “LOVE ” used to do.  BUt yes!!! belief waits for me until i catch up!!!!!…….

“belief does not hold the umbrella for me when it is raining hard ,but yes it reminds me to get it when i step out on a stormy day !!!!

” NO belief can never be “love” as it so much more than it…Much more than it!!!!!!

When love became  important, i workd day and night to make it happy, to make it stay…took care and keep it close to my heart…..

but belief just smiled…. just as it did today when i decided to start walking again …to my destination ! leaving behind all injuries inflicted by the ruthless world….i know in life even when every thing leave you at a certain point ….”this one thing called BELIEF will allways be your guiding light , your strenghth ….. it can becum you guardian, ur sibling…or maybe sometimes that one known face amidst the unknowns…which you cant recal where you had seen it before!!!!!!!!!

“Today the culminated events may not make me the happiest person in this planet… but yes my belief make me feel like the chosen one”….” it re ignited the dead emtions and teaches me to live life all over again , remove the dead ones and make place for new faced to enter and enlighten us in there own way/……

After all that bad man( deception, betrayal personofied) , in dark black suite, with cold grey eyes is in love with me, and if not today, tommorw in some another random dance floor of life , it will again try to hit on me.:):):)

Dedicated to all my best buddies !!!!

( you are defintely one of them :D)




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