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The flickering midnight candle died, And the thunderstorm caught my sight. I went to close the swaying door, Only to see my garden with dead trees galore   Far in the corner stood a body covered with husk The scary … Continue reading

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The Cry Of the Dead

That Still Unravished ghost of quietness Foster child of silence and unraveled time Who cannot ecpress thoughts feelings, emtions Which once god gave you all. You are no man , you are no god, Wild estacy you have em’ all … Continue reading

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(this piece is dedicated to all hard core worshippers of Indian culture , who claims that they r protecting and preserving Indian culture and are to the core filled with values and purity) “ I am viewing your too much … Continue reading

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THE SILENT MURDERE :- “ A Corporate Crime”

It was called a magic mineral till it was found out to be carcinogenic. Asbestos , a mineral highly used in construction industry , pretty well know for its durable, fire resistant quality and cheap price is now widely associated … Continue reading

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The Sea Change!!!

The earthquake off shoreJapanraised a number of eyebrows. Print media, social media and television all equally discussed the fate ofJapan, fatal radioactive substance and its impact on the globe, but what tingled my thinking cells was the “ The Sea … Continue reading

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Broken Window…..

“Jindagi hai kiya meri, teri ahahat ke bina, chahat hai adhuri teri aahat ke bina…….” , The big drop of water blinded my eyes as I started looking for the pause button of the player. Tracks never used to affect … Continue reading

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The Lost Heart ….

The whitewashed walls seemed to merge with the ambience of the room , pure white clad people, white flowers … and pale white faces . the greenish blue water of the pond was calm …ripple free as if mourning the … Continue reading

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Tobacoo in its sophisticated mode!!!

It was a pleasant “going to be evening” time , and  I was siting in the best place in my friends apartment. We had no work and I had no plans of heading towards my hostel so soon , (yeah … Continue reading

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