Tobacoo in its sophisticated mode!!!

It was a pleasant “going to be evening” time , and  I was siting in the best place in my friends apartment. We had no work and I had no plans of heading towards my hostel so soon , (yeah I am a freak who loves hanging around , exploring new places , and doing everything insane in this planet)

We were just done with our tryst with drinks and were into the light chit chats..where you are less conscious of yourself, where you speaks out lot of unspoken stuff with an undefined lighter head.

Time when you talk about life, put into words the amazing things we plan about ..position where we want to see ourselves and the security which we all want in our life.

Mr X ..(let it be so)  is the planets most chilled out sarcastic , intelligent and adorable person. (Yes! It sounds out of the world but he is that. ) suddenly offered me something. well it wasn’t that sudden,  I had asked him for it long time back. But who knew that was D day *wicked grin*.  Well!! Here the thing I am talking about is cigarette. Yes! I wanted to smoke and that day I decided to break my virginity of being a non smoker.

Smoking is an art, it lightens your mind…body , spirit.. Stress reliever. It takes you out of depression , makes you happy and blab bla. I believe all psychiatrist should close down there  clinic and open a cigarette outlet instead (given its benefits)… well!!! I wasn’t heart broken nor  below average grade holder that I wanted to smoke . I wanted to give smoking a shot  because ….welll !! because around me I have everyone smoking like it in a car, work  .. , café outlet, hangout or even if I am on a date , so for me it was like giving active smoking a shot . wanted to find out what actually do these people get by smoking all day long irrespective of the perks smoking brings along.

Now the climax ,………

The white specially ordered menthol stick comes out and I look at it with all the anxiety of this universe . and my lessons of smoking starts  ..obviouly step one being “How to light the cigeratte “…not a big deal!!! Well not at all in case of me..given the fact..yes!  I am scared  of that damn lighter. Arrgg!!! I know Mr X , how much I bugged you …but cumon I was helpless too *grin*.

So, final lesson starts … “ You should hold it at the extreme end, that is the filter, smoke it ..keep it inside you mouth and then breath through your mouth so that the smoke goes in” AAhhh!!!! You got it????  ….honestly ..I DID!!! Yay!! Suprising I did learn the art pretty soon and one secret revealed ..i loved the art . yes! Mr X I never mentioned to you then but I did really found the art very sophisticated .

INHAlE…..woohoo duh!!! *Cough cough* ..Oh GOSH!!!…. damn what pleasure do u guys *cough cough* get…!! I practically screamed ..

And lesson two started ..which was moreover a kind of a moral one,   said “ This is nothing bad that you are overreaction is ok ..cumon one more shot” ..dude!!! I know it is ok ..and even if it is not ..i don’t at all care…but this is harsh!!..Mr X u know what……….. its hitting my heart ….and then a laughter blasted there as if someone has uncorked a smoking gas bottle….Aww!!! whatsoever….shot 2 and this time honestly I liked it… well!! Yes ! I accept I was mostly mouth fagging but well I liked it…the smell of menthol , the smoke around you ..or whatever it was ….i enjoyed it.

Slowly , slowly the sticks started growing smaller …the ash content of the ash tray started to augment . I looked out of the window at  the small garden outside, I don’t know if it was because of the benefit lessons I had before,or cigarette seriously had that potential …because i seriously felt lighter  much lighter ..closed my eyes for a second and the feeling got better…I remember how much  I used to shout at Y (name undisclosed ) for chain smoking ..well11 I will still shout at him for chain smoking but yeah once in a while..occassionally its good. I mean seriously it was good.

The afternoon molted to evening , the sun went down., my watch reminded me of my hostel entry time and I was compelled to take leave. “Long day” Mr X said .. “Long day??? It was an amazing day”  I smiled and went off…. Sitting in the bus looking at the night bhubanshwer traffic I realized life is short and it is worth trying everything in life no matter how bad or good the society tags them . it is your life , and before its over its  worth giving a shot to every possible thing in this planet . smoking is a very small part of it…the list is endless. Go explore the world never know the world best pleasure might be lying just next  to you and u haven’t realized it just because you are scared of trying.

P.S     yes! I tried cigarette but m not an addict J and in the rage of trying thing I realized I even love photography and of late is trying my hand with my new DSLR.( yes! One flicker account next in the cards ) I have even started an insane startup venture , will be updating everyone pretty soon about it..and please wish me all the best for the startup J.

-Amrita Sarkar-


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