The Sea Change!!!

The earthquake off shoreJapanraised a number of eyebrows. Print media, social media and television all equally discussed the fate ofJapan, fatal radioactive substance and its impact on the globe, but what tingled my thinking cells was the “ The Sea Change”- ballast water from japan onshoreIndia.

Is radioactive sweater from off japan reachingIndia? It’s a far fetched fear, but it has gained ground in atleast one Indian port. It is definitely a situation which calls for immediate action to preventIndiafrom becoming on innocent victim of God’s wrath on japan. After the near meltdown at theFukushimanuclear plant, caused by the march 11 temblor and tsumani , some 57 million liters of seawater has been used to cool the crippled reactors and drained back into the pacific as radioactive waste. Polluting gallons and gallons of water in the process. Lucily this event has raised the concern of Goa State Pollution Control Board and it has got hell bend on reduction pollution to the Indian ports and preventing encoarchment in its shores.It made sure that no ship – not just the one which has touched the shores ofJapanshould empty its ballast near the shores of Indian subcontinent.

Reliable  news  sources revealed that two international ships touching Japan coast were bound to visit Mormungo Port Trust .luckily and surprisingly (given the efficiency of Indian government bodies) one , on its arrival was immediately held in quarantine for ten days , thoroughly examined by Bhaba Atomic Research  Center (confirming on the permissible  level of atomic content) , while the other expectedly remained untraced .

Ships laden with consignments such as iron ore set sail for destinations across the world. They fill up their ballast tanks for the unladen journey back and pump out the seawater on returning. Bans on deballasting haven’t been reported from other ports of the country . this phenonmenanon is excessively detrimental to the environment and ecological balance there by prompting environmentalist and authorities thinking about how to prevent the unsolicitated entry of dangerous waste and alien organization into the country’s port. Beyond the threat of bringing in radioactive from Japanese shores ballast water is under scrutiny for bearing alien species into Indian water, upsetting local ecosystem. In a interview with BBC , NIO of Dona Paola has listed a number of organism that may have come into Indian water throught ballast water. They include the black stripped mussel , a native of the atlantic one. These alien specises have been spotted along the coast of Mumbai as well as vizak.

These organism transported via ballast waster have also been blamed for pernicious algal blooms , occurring when certain harmful species of phytoplankton multiply rapidly

in a limited area. At this cruicial point India should actually come up with programmes to protect the coast and document on the biological activitites taking place along its coastline. Electronic monitoring facility is  dire necessacity of the moment. Even technological treatment facilities should be made available in the ships itself to provide immediate support  before discharging these to the ports.

Hopefully the UPA will definitely take some steps to protect Indian coast for further devastation.


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