(this piece is dedicated to all hard core worshippers of Indian culture , who claims that they r protecting and preserving Indian culture and are to the core filled with values and purity)

“ I am viewing your too much hanging out with friends  from an Indian eye” motherIndia  growled. “Indian eye , what is an Indian eye is it some kind of a special lens that you use , or is it an eye given by the Indian government. No neither of this .. and ya I understood what she meant , but I was just trying to get  a better comprehension of her statement. Alright, she was acting like a concerned mom and nothing else and I guess it is ok to accept such thing from a 45 year

But this incident actually made me ponder deeper into the hypocrisy portrayed by Indian culture. A culture which is widely know for its deeper value of sense and sincereity, moral , ethical values, honesty and what not , but has anyone every made any attempt to even realize if we were actually so strong in everything then why don’t we lead any chart except the population and corruption ones? Alright I am not being too sarcastic or preaching against anything neither I am trying to potray myself as a hardcore western culture follower but I don’t understand the vague moral policing that prevailes in the society. “You” don’t see western culture adoption  in a good light, but then you glue to the television sets watching all star Movies and HBO. You are the one who prefer visiting Intalian restaurant on your Kids birthday.  AM I WRONG? Quoting Amar Singh has serious objection against the Cheerleaders during cricket season some years back while his own “Bahu” (daughter in law) Aishwariya rai Bachhan  did her part of cheerleading pretty amazing in Dhoom 2 ( I am not sure was it DHOOM 1 or 2 , or both) but it passed out with a no objection certificate. Ok don’t say that was entertainment, you will gross , coz is this what kind of entertainment Indiann (Ethical , moral Indian) public look out for??? *wondering*

If you guys really want to be proud to be an Indian and prove your mettle then  please do away with The Caste Reservation. I mean seriously just to gain vote bank these politician are creating ruckus in the field of higher education and employment by implementing caste quote which had now extened even to the OBC stuff who are in most of the cases just as previledged as the general caste people. Eg: just check the IIM Ahemdabad selection criterion and you will realized that the OBC ( please forgive me I don’t mean to hurt any sentiments) guy sails through with just a mere 94 percentile while the poor general has to strive for a wooping 99 .. how fair is this????

If you really want to do some damn upliftment , then make reservation based on the family earning , educational background, give some damn schlorship from you SWISS bank balance. Provide coaching or similar aids to the interested and ecomomically backward class rather than being so killing merit and talent of the thinking ( general ) class .

Women equality  dude , no women need a reservation bill , give us a fair chance, and we will prove it that we deserve, please please please do away with this bloddy women reservation stuff no only in polictics but also in  Railway Travel as newly been introduced. You don’t need to show you are giving women a equal stand , we deserve and we can earn it. Mamta Baneerjee..( general class 😛 ) is a living example . if you really want to do something for the women , please stop ogling them , passing lewd comments in the streets , give them some air to beathe in and please please please stop raping ( both mentally and physically) them in an opportunity. Give them some respect and then see what wonders happen J

I m not against any caste or class or gender , I am just another victim of being in the general quota , just coudnt help but vent out my feelings. Please forgive me and don’t  drag me to any court ( coz I really pathetic in law 😛 ) if anyone is hurt, just put yourself in general class’s shoes and you will realize their pain . it is really a very painful experience to see someone equally talented sailing though and you siting back just because you belong to damn goddamn  quote . I am again and again apolozing to everyone but people please give a heed to this social inequality , people suffering of no fault of there’s , while the so looked down upon western world is thriving exponentially everyday . its high time atleast THIS generation should speak up.


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A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact: amritasarkar1709@gmail.com
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  1. Ghani Zaman says:

    Well written. U forgot the minorities who have to go through worse situation than the women folk and not forgetting the people of the North East are called anything from Nepalese, Chinese etc without bothering to know who and where they are from.

  2. amrita89 says:

    yes!! there are a lot of woes in India which need an immediate heed, but i was just pathetically struck by the caste reservation thing so wrote on it …. 🙂 might we will definitely have a better tmmrw someday 🙂

  3. That sounds great. Even I am also proud to be an Indian and I will pray God to give my second birth also in India.

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