When you cut the umbilical cord , opening your mouth to find the voice , you find that you are out there in the cold. Cold dark cavern of social media where you find numerous surrogates making ever white Ms word document scribbled with blank font color. Innumerable articles pressed in wordpress and blogspot every minute.

This is no fashion world where you can be the next Poonam Panday and make myriad promises , like adding a lap dance to your stripping . So how to become that red spot and get noticed.


Do you remember the Apple Computers brilliant  1997 “Think Different” advertisement and campaign?  It was narrated perfectly by Richard Dreyfus, with actual footage of people in history who chose to break the rules every now and then.

And whether you are a PC user or a Mac addict, who wouldn’t want to be invited to join a club with geniuses like John Lennon, Albert Einstein and Jim Henson?


So, to make your blog the “Blue eyed boy” all you need to do is add some adjectives to the writer in you .” Be the crazy one, The misfit, The Rebel, The troublemaker, The round peg in the square hole.Dont be found of rules, and have no respect for status Quo.”


Others will Quote you , Disagree with you , Glorify or Villify you but one thing is for sure they can’t ignore you. Let people think you to be crazy . only crazy thing have the potential to create the change and push the world forward. One has to be crazy to make the much required difference, because all sane people all around the globe has done absolutely no good till now.


To all the bloggers around the globe , lets borrow some lesson from this 14 yrs old campaign and  shake up our blog from  slumber and get ourselves rid of the vanilla post.




No I am not asking you to take an anti status quo, go against out “thought leaders” or something like that. But you can atleast speak out the underground truth . isn’t it, everyone loves to read the truth , (so what they cant speak it out) and nod there head in accent. it will help to spread your blog among similar nodding heads, and resulting in a very optimistic traffic diversion.  Zig when everyone else is zagging. You may be surprised at the discussion you start (and at how many people actually agree with you).




Imagine a post from a totally different perspective. Thing how will a mechanic view your blog ? what will be the opinion of a social entrepreneur when he/she bumps across your blog.? will a girl who just broke up with her cheating boyfriend appreciate your perception about relationship? (well!! the third one is bit beyond control so ignore that J ) what will a guy just planning to buy a nokia N8 feel after reading your cristism about smart phones? you blog just don’t belong to you so go ahead and feel the pulse of the reader to heal them with proper dose of interesting and enticing articles. Make your reader appreciate it enough so that they DO active subscribe you.


3. Break break break all rules!!!! .

Who says you can’t write a post that is all questions? Or go off topic when something important has happened in your life? Or devote a whole post to recognizing someone who doesn’t get much attention?

Or maybe leave the sugar coating at the door and tell bloggers to stop making certain mistakes—because it’s sickening and their mama wouldn’t approve?

Who says you cannot lie about feelings or speak your heart out so blatant that your own feeling will feel the spikes. there are no rules in Love , War and writing Is a combination of fatal passion and devious war.


4. Change things from what they are…

Try something new. Hey, you may bomb, but you’ll be in good company. Like the crazies throughout history, you’ll find some things work and some don’t. You just keep trying.

If you are a 1,000-word blogger, try saying it in one paragraph. Or go with images with short captions and make that your post.

Or ask your readers to write your post for you. You pose a question and let them provide their answers in the comments. Take one of the most interesting comments and write a new post with that fresh angle. Change predefined and ages assumed definition of things from your point of view. if you into fiction , redefine love and craziness associated with it. Don’t speak of lust , these days everybody is doing that ( Read I to had a love story and you will regret it forever)  speak about the unspoken love, a whole lot of people will associate with it. GO!! make the diffence , because that is the key to your blog’s slumber’s lock.




5. Get a little ‘crazy.

Does something bug you? Make you sad? Blog about it.

Show a little emotion because that brings us closer to you.

Come on. You know you want to.

Talk about a practice or strategy in your industry that drives you nuts. Tell us why. Describe your frustration when the Indian caste quota system drove you nuts , all general category people will come and vote for your blog. don’t speak about Anna Hazare, everyone is doing that off  late. Speak about you experience during you stay In INFOSYS, definitely all have a similar story . Or how pathetic is was to arrange for accommodation when you Hopped to AMDOCS Pune. Life in YAHOO! blore was unexpectedly far from a bliss. say thing which peole can connect to and love to read more. Don’t just scribble how much pleasure you get ogling at your neighbours daughter or how pathetic your boyfriend has become after marriage. it happens to everyone and no one wantes to read everyday in a blog paying for the 3G.


Go! wake up ! there lot of virgin topics to write on . Just make the right move.


About Asarkr

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  1. Sankar says:

    Nice write.. Believe me I am really thinking about all your suggestions..

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