The thick cream was floating incognizant of the surrounding, the extra cheese ginger sandwich has been lying there since long loosing it worm luscious tempting form. tired from doing incessant vain attempts to seduce its owner to put a love  bite on it. The false flooring of the café had lost its lush look with constant brutal stepping of human forms going in and out. The waitress crossed her twice, trying to make her realize that it was past half and hour and she hasn’t touched a thing.


Lost, Absolutely lost! not in the novel she was holding but, she was lost , totally engrossed In watching the continous  stream  of water flowing down the smoky glass window. they were just as incessant, turbulent as her grief just that her grief never flowed. it did not had the liberty posed by nature to display its glory at will.


or, rather maybe she was too generous , as not compete nature and break its vanity with her magnificence. Even here she just made one more compromise, once more she engraved herself within her.


The far of sea green florescent light of the nearby restaurants lit up , covering for the darkness created by the proud cloud. Her skin glowed again the myrid lighting around. Her flawless, untended skin just allowed a drop of salty grief to fall and hide it self ,scared of the surrounding.


with all her grace she moved the unkempt trace of hair from her face, and turned a page of the book she had been holding for long. Her nerves all strained under the pressure of the voluminous book she was holding in one position since time infinite. She turned that unread page only to gain conscious .


Suddenly a sound of a distant ship caught her attention. The sound of waves flashed across bringing back memories , love , heartfelt loud laughter which knew no bounds , which were so cavalier , yet so beautiful . Moments cherished …. yet so long lost.



Those were days when the sun shone brighter than ever, She Swam with lissome , past everything so victorious yet so humble.

She had those strong hands to hold to while crossing Terrance and a very special one while walking on the golden beach.

When she did not care about anyone , where she stood strong and fast against all odd.



It might be possible , that ship has left her shore, and she is stranded  alone in an alien island with weird unknown sound all around and picking irritants  engulfing her at will.

May be the the thorn of her favorite pink rose has made her to bleed .


But , even today she looks up at the night sky for a shooting star so that she can pray to get her ship of life back.

Don’t call her insane. If today she is doing some real harm to herself. if today she is alienating herself. She is just the same , only little deceived , little scared to hold new unknown hands again.


Don’t call her insane if today she is unable to stay , but unwilling to leave .


She is just as strong within as she used to be , it is just that she is weather beaten  by  this alien land .



Don’t call her insane , if she still visits that old shipyard every night , to look out with willing eyes for her lost ship . Because she knows it will come back to her soon , very soon bringing back everything lost with renewed glory and affection .


It is just a test of time and IT TOO SHALL PASS



The very idea of seeing her ship return , filled her with renewed joy. She shrugged herself and straightened up , as if shaking off old rotten chain from her body. She looked out … the rain has stopped by then and her face reflected bright glow. Glow of the forthcoming happiness. With a deep breath she stood up and walked out ..all set to get her fair share ….from magic bag of life.



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