Strain your ears, try to concentrate on each and ever said as well as unsaid words


.Ever heard of adjectives like compassionate , development oriented and similar stints when it comes to Indian politics. Guess what I can hear your big NO!. but , halt , wait.. think again, we do have among us a lady with a golden eye ( No No she is no James Bond -Golden eye). A women belong to the development camp who is just so die hard inclined towards development of the state of Tamil Nadu, and alongside is also overwhelmingly compassionate towards her arch enemy M.Karunanidhi , whose daughter is presently residing in the Tihar Jail and his party strength has decimated from 23 MLA’s to 234 in the house.


Jaylalitha is suddenly just so much concerned ( creating an amazing media hype and earning whole hearted media appreciation)  about proper governance, law and order and letting the police do there job. On 1st June she unveiled a flagship programme that promises 20Kgs free rice monthly to a staggering 1.86 crore family and will increase the food subsidy by 400 crores present to 40000 per annum .She has also doubled the pension of the aged , the handicapped and deserted or destitute women to 1000 per month, and a wooping 6 months maternity leave for government employees.

She has also promised under the AIADMK manifesto 300 square ft house each costing 1.8 lakhs to 3 lakhs to BPL families, and cows and goats for certain category of BPL families ( BPL people will now start believing in Lewis carols Alice in Wanderland) .


She is even planning to restore to solar energy to meet up the energy demand of the state .Indian politics basically witness three major pool

1) corruption committed ministers

2)vote bank committed

3)development committed

witnessing the trends one can now safely say Miss Jai lalitha definitely ( comparatively ) falls in the third category.


P.S I am a rookie in politics and I DO NOT Endorse any political party.

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