The Dark clouds covered the horizon

threatening in vain , the busy denizen

nothing to say , nothing to hear

she laid still , in the corner of an old chair


eyes moist from containing sorrow

lips dry , have developed cracks narrow

wondering eyes were now so still and insolent,

motionless hands ,  let a channel of red fluid follow

A grived soul was falling further in a deeper hollow


The old oil lamp flickering , casting an unstable shadow

merging all colors together in a game of light and dark

No destination , no pathway , where she can embark

unarmed , unveiled, she stood so still,

might be still waiting for someone to understand the way she feel.


The Slight dizzle changed to a heavy shower

stray animals running hither and thither for some cover

she closed her eyes and wished ,if the crazily insolent rain

feel in love with her and washed away a small part of her pain


The last night seemed insanely long

may be , almightly wanted her – for the last time sing her song,

the song she started 21 years back ,

where among all luxuries and leisure ,

all she wanted was a bit of pleasure.


Life tore away everything In a flash of thunder

leaving her alone , just to sit back and wonder,

This was definitely something she never wanted from life

she wanted to be happy , gay and wild


She wanted to touch the bluish skies

dive to the bottom of the world , so full of lies

She wanted to be happy , and sometimes cry out loud

She wanted to be the clout.


Winner at heart , she did not loose

ended her life , without using the worlds noose

ripped her veins , flooding with red tears

she let the wounds speaks for there own fear.



blank , austere , but she still had a soulful smile

beauty hidden behind , pains of mile

slowly her body gave away , realizing her soul

sinking her body beneath , an unknown heavy hole.



she died in silence , in the dark stormy night

not causing anyone any pain or fright

she left for her heavenly abode,

wishing everyone to be happy and safe in there earthly home



Next morning when her body was found

all sang praise, all showed grief

All customarily acknowledged what a gem she was

All joined the family In mourning deep.


she smiled form the sky , wandering at the vulnerability of futile soul

knowing very well , 14 days and her name will be erased from memory like a long lost mole.

But, now she was happy in the lap of gods

she finally fought and won all Odds





About Asarkr

A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact:
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