Kantabai is in a impatient mood as she scrubbed and cleaned her memsaab’s Italian marble floor while the union budget was blaring for the Samsung sleek LCD screen handing elegantly from the the wall on ET, saab’s favorite television channel. However kantabai is not at all impressed.

Firstly she wanted to know why there such few women in the round table conference or any expert panel on TV shows. After all the taxes and price rise is also effecting women equally. They are earning same as there men counterpart and paying the same amount of tax. Kantabai also had some basic questions to ask Pranav da and all those mighty bear bellied big honchos sitting and gravely discussion issues , decoding the subtext of the budget for the so called benefit of dumbstruck television viewer.


None of these talks were making any sense to her, although she notices that SAAB was consciously making note of many things as if he understood everythinh those people wer e saying and they were actually making in sense to tangible people living on planet earth. Her Memsaab was busy fixing her hair and nail appointments at a neighborhood friendly spa and constantly bickering about the additional service taxes on luxury product.

However kantabai was crossed, really crossed. She had heard after the budget thing her railway pass will cost even higher when she renewed it next month. She really didn’t bother which minister lost his job for annoying some agitated “DIDI” screaming hysterically in kolkatta and asking for his resignation .

Kantabai’s drunkard husband has asked her to cut down on everything , including  food. He has muttered something about PPF interest rates being slashed, …. All she can concluded from it that , some really tough time is coming up for her family .

She had no interest in who was saying what, who was fasting for betterment of the nation , or who is put behing the bars for some 3 JI or 2 JI scam  or 100 Ji scam. All she wanted was  a secure future for her children. Everyday she should be able to feed her kids, send them to school and secure a better future for them, quantitalively better than her own. She didn’t want to live the rest of her life in a shanty house with no electricity or toilets.

Kantabai kept listeninig to stories about great future for every Indian provided they work hard. She was told if she managed to save somtihng from her meager salary she’d be able to educate her children. But wat will she save after toiling from 6 am to 8pm?

” Phir bhi mantra log bolta hai ki life will improve”


From what kantabai can say, life has definitely improved, if not for her but for the saablog for whom she work. Initially they had 2 cars now they have 3 , there kids are growing na .. so they need one for themselves. Each room now has a big TV , which is good coz now she can watch the afternoon soaps while ironing the cloths. The saab log eat out 3 days a week which means lesser utensils to wash. Meemsaab also discarded hardly worn out cloths, sarees, jeans and even nighties .

Initially she was given soiled clothes from regular use. Meemsaab has also start tipping her for the extra work during kitty parties which were held more often nowdays . she also started getting extra holidays and saab and family went on frequent foreign tours. Last diwali she was gifted a cell phone ( to keep track of her actually) , which she lavishly flaunts.


May be these are the small pleasures which is meant to improve her life. Every year, the same budget blares from the television set. She watches her saab clap and talk about sensex , bensex or just sex.  Every year it is called a mixed budget, which mixed even more poverty among her counterparts. May be this is the way of life for kantabai now !


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5 Responses to BUDGET 2012 : HOW “MANGO PEOPLE” FEEL

  1. good work amrita. your writings have greatly improved..now its a need to introduce some more facts and who knows it might go on papers!! good luck!!

    • amrita89 says:

      Thanks a lot for reading and liking it !! going out on paper is way to big thing for me, but yes will definitely modify it by introducing some more facts 🙂

  2. EK 2012 says:

    This is a great weblog!!! I like your article very much and I’ll subscripe to it if you post more articles like this! Do you like EK Voetbal or do you wanna know the EK 2012 take a look on my profile!

    • amrita89 says:

      hey, thanks for reading my blog and liking it. i will definitely update you with more articles 🙂

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