Headlines today came forward with a real new and happening advertisement asking the general public to raise their hands and save the women.

I just could not help admiring the honesty in the advertisement which totally accepts that a certain section of men  will continue to tease women, no matter how harsh  we make the law or we introduce some sort of civil brutality like chemical castration or what so ever wonderful terms people are coming up with these days .

Fine  we have big words, big plans and bigger procession and better Television coverage. However for sometime  Lets forget about high profile incidents like rape , murder, sexual assault and other bigger stuffs . Let us take out some time from our mundane conversation and dedicate it to the normal daily behavior of high testrostone ( or maybe low or whatever it maybe) induced male.

Since time infinite man have a dominance over women because the early society have framed them to protect women  as ( so supposed ) they are fragile and incompetent and lots of other things. But today we live in a society where there is such a moral degradation or rather incompetency ,that forget protecting a women against rape or any other assult , the mentality is so denigrated that they are not even complying with the basic norms of the society.

It just happened to me the other day.


We all know how it is in a public internet café , where you have seats even more congested than the public levorotary. I went alone to get some printout work done and the café wala assigned me system number 3.

Hyderabad is definitely one of India’s major cites , but trust me , although I live in the IT occupied area of the city but I just so rarely find girls doing their work all by themselves , either they just don’t do it , or is accompanied by a bodyguard cum boyfriend/”Achha friend” .

Yes, I too have a boyfriend but maybe I have taken the tag of “Independent women” too seriously, and I prefer to do most of my work myself.

Okey , coming back to that evening. I promptly walked to system number 3 to find the chair allotted to that system has been generously taken by my neighbor who is busy stalking profiles in Facebook. You must be wondering whats wrong with his chair?

Okey! that chair allotted to his system is occupied by one of his accomplice .

Beautiful  isn’t it?


I am kinda taller than any average Indian “Male” , I guess you have a approximation of my height now and if you are tall yourself you must be knowing how difficult it must be for a  me to stand and work in that system . And even If I were to be short,  why Should I stand and work when I have a bloody seat allotted to me?

I politely asked the man to pass over my chair, To which I had all the eyes the café suddenly focusing on me and the “MAN” , rather than offering me MY CHAIR,  moved it closer to his accomplice and starting giggling .

The simple act of mine asking him to give my chair aroused a lot of talks and put me under intense glare from all the other systems operators . I realized okey , It is India !

I had to uncomfortably bend and do my work like a grade 5 student being punished by his teacher and has to stand and do the task. It is a very small incident, but it aroused so many questions in my mind.

We are burning candles, polluting the already Polluted environment. Creating ruckus near India gate and killing innocent constables like Tomar  , but what we don’t realize that what we majorly need to do is create a sea change in the mentality of the people (men in particular) .

Processions , dharnas and candles can do nothing.  Respect cannot be instilled in them in this way . It is inborn , it comes from what we learn and see happening around us. If we don’t create a change in the social structure and infuse morality and proper behavioral code nothing is going to happen. Candles cannot enlighten morally dark souls they can only create headlines in the newspaper.

Mine was the smallest of the small case, I know peole may have faced worse and just have learnt to live with it  and add it to their archive of life. Just like this blog post will become in some days and this much talked about delhi rape case is some more months.





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