In The Dimly Lit Streets of South Delhi

As The music blared from the nearby loudspeaker in a dimly lit café’ of South Delhi Hasinna’s cell phone rang. An Old Nokia 6065 model which is obsolete from our minds just as Hasinna is from the demographic records of her country. Her Reply was very brief “Yes Yes! I am coming” . She hurriedly finished her cigarette and rushed out to get into the car waiting outside to go and entertain the new customer she has.

I rushed in to follow her shouting my last question “ Do you want to continue in this profession?” She turned back and replied hurriedly “ This is the wish of Allah , I can’t deny it


Which Allah are we talking about here the one to whom they pray every day bowing in respect , to acknowledge his grace and mercy or the self made Demi -gods who are surrounds her, trade her and violate her every now and then? This is not a single story that we are witnessing  there are hundreds of such Hassina’s who have been abandoned by their land their people to serve and entertain men with grotesque mental structure in no other country but our own motherland (INDIA) universally proclaimed for having rich moral and cultural diversity.

Trafficking women from Afghanistan, and caging them , forcing them into prostitution is an age old story ,but what scares us is the enhancement in the number every passing day.

Afghanistan is a morally , culturally and economically closed country , totally demolished by wars , the Taliban and other such atrocities. Where the illusion of a better life, marriage , respect and above all freedom is forcing women to make life ruining decisions like leaving there family behind and stepping into India for a better life only to be displayed in online classified ads saying:

“ Hot Afghani women who are always ready to do anything with you for your betterment and satisfaction” .


This is not the end , the most touching story was of a women who burnt herself alive just to evade the lustful hands of the white collar Indian clients . Not just this hundreds  of women commit suicide by self immolation to escape rape, abusive marriage, abusive in-laws and definitely forced prostitution. Is this the country we a so proud of ( The Delhi rape incident was quite an eye opener, where we are still awaiting the decision of Fasttrack court ) .

A country where we drug and rape a foreign tourist and proclaim “Atithi deva bhabo” (Guest is an incarnation of god) in the same murky tone.

The question that arises here is not why the government is not curbing prostitution or why the Ngo’s are unsuccessful .

The Question is Why Advised steps are only confined to discussion panels ? The question that arises here is why we as an individual cannot curb our sexual ( rather unnatural sexual desires ) under control?How can we being normal human beings derive pleasure from torturing and tearing an already defeated homeless , helpless women?

No body is denied of Sex in there personal lives , then why move out of that and inflict injuries  upon and unknown women ? Just for your momentary pleasure, just because today you have some cents more than her ? This is not just a sectional problem. It is social , economical political (cross border problem) .

Most of the women trafficked to India come via the direct airline facility between india and Kandahar, Quite an official transport , don’t you think? And still the authorities get shocked when they hear about trafficking .

Quite a brilliant intelligence body this world possess!

Can’t there be a body to verify all the job related ( one which are dicey ) immigration that happens every other day ? Can’t there be some real jobs created , for desolate women like Hassina so that they don’t fall prey to manhood and die diseased and dark.

Has humanity really died of stampede in this rush for power and money?


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