Men in Pink

I know the guy you saw today, working out at the gym in pink tracks was way too sexy to be a earthly human being. I also know you get a thing for your Chinese boss every Tuesday when he wear s the Pink “Indian Terrain” Formal shirt to office. You sometime can’t resist the idea of pecking on your boyfriends neck the days when he flaunt that pink tie over his blue shirt ( It is not a personal comment , I really don’t have grayish taste and I really don’t gift pink tie to my boyfriend at least ) .


But what  I really mean by “Men in Pink”, yes it is absolutely and totally inspired from “Men In black”, is that every man has something pink about him, before you let your thoughts go wild, I mean at heart.

Don’t you think so?


This is a very random post I just thought about penning down. It is a culmination of behavioral patter I have observed both in my father and in my boyfriend. Nothing personal , and I may be totally wrong in my observation .



Men proclaim to be strong, to be supportive and non emotional and similar big things but to all the ladies out there, don’t you think they need us more than we do?


Okay guys don’t send me hate mails now, I am not provoking your girlfriends to take a stronger hand on you but just give a little thought.

Whom do you need the most when you have a professional failure, which may be as small as a rebuke from your boss at office.?

Whom do you need to talk the most when you know your best friend has stabbed behind your back? Definitely your mother, (yes It is true , in most cases the concept of best friend disappears after girlfriend comes in )


Men just cannot take failure all by themselves. Okay what I mean is , they cannot overcome from a failure just by themselves . They just desperately need us to understand them and support them when they face rejection somewhere else.

(Post breakup , in 80% cases the guy some back , mostly because he has broken up . The girl just lets him come in out of a very bad habit)

Men project themselves as aggressors,  game players ,dynamic people but they are never complete without us. Men are pink and totally pink at heart.  They may forget out anniversary day, first date movie and lot other thing. But they feel worse than us when we forget their special days .


Why is it said , “Behind every successful man there is a woman “ , simply because she was the support system that he needed to be there where he is now.

Like she is the CEO of Mr XYX Inc. (Technically).


A man may party out, booze with buddies, go on rough treks on his good days, But will come back to have your “Haath ka Khana” on the days when he is low.

Of all the hot chicks he flaunts to make you jealous, Your number will be the first he dials and redials until you pick up when he is low.

(Those chicks are useless not only for your man but to the entire universe in general .Trust me)

When you have some crazy work at office, you come back and get online again just take a break and look at his eye, you will understand how much he hates that Mac sitting on your lap.


Men are pink and totally pink at heart , only that sometime it need the right women to step in and bring that pink shade out to the world.




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6 Responses to Men in Pink

  1. vedika says:

    stupid article. None of the points mentioned make sense and worse linked! Not every girl wants to make apne haath ka khana. She might actually like that mac on her lap and be the wild woman in parties. The man has pink inside if he hangs out with women? And this is just to make the girl jealous and nothing to do with the fact that he is morally impaired?

  2. amrita89 says:

    thanks for writing , maybe you are totally correct but this was a very personal blog , and personal observation. as i mentioned before i may be totally wrong on my statement. you may be ravishing women dancing in parties but i personal love making haath ka khana for him 🙂
    P.s : i am the product manager with Google 🙂

  3. sarat k says:

    I want my mommy …

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