Being a Human Being !

Bitterly twisted lips, contorted with terrible grief she looked up at me, Those were  a kind of eyes I have ever seen in my 12 years of journalism . One look and you can confidently say that  they are the prettiest of the lot , the one you expect of a Bangladeshi Indian. But a second look and you can see the pain and sacrifice she has borne, they were blank black eyes enveloped with the pain of losing her love, burdened with the responsibilities of an unborn. Confused amongst so many questions,  a reluctance in taking that one step to move on with life maybe because she was just too exhausted or maybe because she is afraid of losing his memory if she takes a step ahead and moves on. Maybe she is scared of letting fade the memories of the winter nights they spent in their uptown house in Northern California, loosing herself in his bare chest. Or those lazy moments after a great love when they sat and watched the cigar go off all by itself lending an enigma to the air above.

A Top Tier sales executive with billion dollars company , a brilliant Stanford degree, Exceptional personal sales records , brilliant photographer , a rugged ,rustic handsome boyfriend and a seven months baby bump. She almost had everything except that the man she loved had a very unavoidable tag associated with Him.

Rubikzar , was a sharp , shrewd and a brilliant investment banker working in United States was born in a Peshawar some 28 years ago. What difference does that make? He was handsome with the sexiest lips ever, fluent English accent and a American citizenship, but certainly you just cannot eliminate and have a healthy life , irrespective of your fundamentals and idealism  in modern world.

‘Riyaeen Sky’ and ‘Rubikzar’ , meet at a downtown grocery store when the first time he talked to her , was while trying to explain the magic green cardamom could do to her authentic English recipe. He wanted her to fall in love with Asian spices but she rather feel in love with him.

Casual talks led to a coffee, a coffee to a lunch, a lunch to a dinner and a dinner to wine and from wine they delved into the brilliant and unspoken world of physical intimacy. A one night stand became a lifelong commitment in no time. Sky didn’t bother his nationality was of Pakistan. And Rubikzar had never been to Pakistan after his family moved in to the states when he was 9 months old. But their nonchalance was not a solution. The world has bitter pressing issues.

Terrorism went a step ahead and other than inflicting tremendous economic and social loss to America , it also inflicted tremendous loss and identity crisis to the millions of Muslims ( Innocent people) living in American soil. These people had ordinary dreams, they wanted to achieve professional and personal success. They want to send their kids to the best college and have a exotic vacation once a month. They are just like any other man you see while jogging in the central park in Texas.

All they want from life is a bit of love, sex, healthy kids, appreciation from the COO and a Steady career growth . They are not looking forward to demolish building, planting bombs and killing  people. They are even scared of hitting your neighbors’ dog which had bitten their rabbit.

Sky lost her husband during tension that broke out just after a massive terror attack in America. No, he was not killed by some angry and disturbed white . The car he used to drive to office,  was targeted by some fundamentalists group and it blew off the moment he started the right in front of her eyes , seconds after he had just kissed she a goodbye and promised to get muffins on his way back to meet her erratic pregnancy  cravings .

They had just bought a new perambulator the other day, and was planning to finalized the kids name according to the gender that night from the 70 shortlisted names. He had just spend some extra hours the other night staying up not for work but to watch the ultra sonograph video and let out a silent cry. Who said it is just the women who is excited to be a mother.

But, everything came to a standstill when the bomb blew off , not for him but also for her and for that little one , so excited to meet the father.


Sky had agreed for that interview after some 72 persuading calls  but just a brief flashback was enough for her to turn me down .

I sat there mesmerized no because of her breathtaking beauty, but because of the pain she was undergoing and the price she had paid for love. I wanted to offer her something , some solace , some hope or just fulfill my desire to hold her hand under the pretext of console . But she walked away, bit awkward with her baby bump and a heavy heart.

Did Sky really deserve that pain? Did her boyfriend deserved to be detached from his kid before it was born?

There are millions of such question and there are millions of ‘sky’ and ‘Rukbizar’ in this world waiting for justice , waiting for an identity.

P.S All characters in this piece are fictitious and are just a creation of my mind. Any resemblence to anyone dead or alive is a matter of pure co incidence. I dont want to hurt any religious or personal sentiments and i do no write against anyones opinion . i am a naive blogger and just pen down my thoughts. Please , i intent no offense not highlight any religion , caste or creed. I am not a activities in real sense so no personal attacks please.



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