Fairy tale for a twenty plus.

It was quite a random decision.

I was studying and then I got bored. I wanted to hear some voice other than that of mine.

So, what next?

I switch on my soul mate (My Obnoxious Samsung laptop) . I definitely did not intent to surf the Internet as my current job has converted this luxury into boredom.

I surfed through my drives and guess what?

I came across a fairy tale. I realized that I still have “The Titanic” in my movie archives.

“Right click, Play”, and even in 2013, this movie can literally Transport me to a fairy tale world.


I somehow strongly believe that “Titanic” is a fairy tale for a twenty plus , who by now has realized that there will never be any sleeping beauty, sleeping throughout  her teen waiting for him to kiss her awake.

Or any Aladdin or knights with a shining Armour to sweep you off your feet with all kind of magical powers.

Under such real world circumstances Titanic seems to be a fairy tale, where I literally devour and relish every single second of the love story

[ I watch Titanic more for the love story rather than the tragic sinking part of it, which i guess the movie intends to portray  ]

Whenever I watch it, I silently pray that nobody should ever tell me that this was actually fantasy and such a love story never happened on board of the ship


I know it makes me sound like an immature, love staved woman at her 24, but honestly I am just fascinated by the selfless, future less still super glamorous love that is shown in the frames.

In This modern day hustle bustle, love has kind of become a obligation and a convenience, shadowing all sort emotional longings that is supposed to be attached with it.

In the movie 27 dresses when Katherine Heigl rightly questions her sister Tess ( Who is supposed to be marrying her  rich and handsome crush)

“Do you intend to marry him out of love or just because the marriage makes your jobless life easier.”



That question kind of stirred an emotional awakening in me.

Why do I intent to marry my boyfriend?

It is because I love him, or does marrying him will make my life easier.

Do I intent to marry him because that act will merge all our financial and intellectual assets together and I can later sit back and relax and do whatever I want to do and not worry about paying utility bills.

I know it is quite a crude question, but all the ladies and even gentlemen out there. Ask yourself honestly haven’t this question brushed through your mind at least once it you have been dating for more than 2 years now.

No, I don’t say I doubt my love or my boyfriend or my relationship. I am quite confident of my love life and my personal decisions but sometime in the lonely hours haven’t we ever thought

“Let me give myself one more chance,

No not to fall in love with someone, but just to know someone bit more than you currently do.

Just talk to him without being conscious of giving out  wrong signals.

Maybe prove that people of opposite sex cannot be best friends a myth.

Hold  hands while crossing the road, not because I am  physically attracted , but because that particular person make  me feel warm, makes me feel like at home.”

No I am not advocating what “Sudh Desi romance” depicted. It was quite a looser concept ( very personal opinion)

But I guess somehow it is okay to secretly “Like” and not “Love” a person of the opposite sex, just because you genuinely like that person.

I do not intent to sound adulterous at this point as I don’t think I am advocating even making out, all  I am trying to do is trying to  find out the definition of Love, a thought that Titanic has just suddenly stirred in me.

I mean the fiancé of a millionaire falling for a wayward guy , just because he makes her feel alive.


This is quite a stimulating factor when we look back at our relationships. I mean in 90% cases our love has to pass through so many social , emotional  and financial litmus tests.

Maybe I am just totally wrong and a lot of people out there are hating me at such nearly acerbic thoughts of mine. But then this one  thing that is undoubted lame and irrational, yet I so strongly like to believe in .

[For ladies only, because i really don’t know how men think]

If you are confused between say two men, watch ‘Titanic’ and the guy who face floats  in your mind. I would strongly recommend you to go for him.

Guess you are already imagining him 🙂

Today , Even romantic relationships are nothing less than an arrange marriage where you simply adjust because you are too busy to break up and waste time and energy for another hook up.

So to all the ladies I suggest it is okay to have a person who is more than friend and less than a boyfriend ( you  define your own boundaries ) to keep the enigma of womanhood going.

After all, the heart of a woman is deeper than the ocean.


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A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact: amritasarkar1709@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Fairy tale for a twenty plus.

  1. megha says:

    amazing….. really hats off…. atleast yu made me realise sumthing…. about which i was soo confused.. 🙂

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