Sincerely yours

Early morning marijuana,

Shivering fingers, zombie like movements

Shrill whisper of the coffee maker

Dangling lace from the running shoe.

Bitten lips of no remorse

Lovely eyes forgot to dose.

Did you wake up this morning to any regret or remorse? Did not finish the assignment last night and your calendar looks cluttered.  Drunk texted him again? The purple skirt you want to wear to work is not ironed and look at you, again missed buying hair serum for the frizzy hair.

Or do you gave graver issues in life? B-Schools application? peanut for payscale? aging parents?. Rolling to the wrong side of 20 and you start to hallucinate about fine lines near your eyes? If you can remotely connect to any of these, trust me your life is awesome.

Complaining whining takes up a chunk of our time (read lifespan) , Dailymail reports that average man complains for 8 minute and 45 second everyday and almost 1300 time in a year. Do that math and you will realise the amount of creative hours (precious hours) you are wasting in complaining.

The middleclass melodrama:

Regret being born in the middle class, Regret not- Middle class is the most awesome class of all standards of human hierarchy where you have the burning passion to achieve things in life( as you don’t have it all) and your parents have the financial backbone to support . Burn your midnight lamp, study, code, write, built something unique. Your chances of being born in this planet with the given set of DNA is one in a trillion, please don’t press the snooze button. Go hit the wall and push it to make a difference in the world.

Plumber on leave:

How many times have you cribbed and spoilt your sunny day just because you have plumbing problem in the restroom or the microwave was not working. Even worse, the cook did not turn up? Many times right?

Maybe today itself. STOP DOING THAT.

Life is much bigger than the mere daily problems. DOnt forget to look at the bigger picture because of pebbles in your marble floor. Rise and shine above these petty things. Plumber did not turn up. Look at this as an exciting opportunity for the engineer inside you to try some real life experience.

Cook is on leave. She is a human being too, go create a delicacy today and boost about it.

You are worse than a mongoose when it comes to cooking Even better, life gave you an opportunity to laugh J

The pretty/handsome conundrum

Mirror mirror on the wall who is prettiest of us all?

Well, your mirror cannot answer that question so Screw that notion. If you are another self complexity syndrome victim, then I am sorry even Zesus will not come to your rescue.  You are concerned how you are perceived, do you look the prettiest of the most handsome amongst the lot? Then you are wasting your time pushing yourself to the bottom of an endless pit of no mercy. You are wasting the time given to you to sculpture yourself into something phenomenal .

Instead go chase your dream, create footprints so that your are remembered well after your success limelight fades . ( Nobody cares if people remember you after death, well you are gone by then).


Live life in every second as you aspires to reach out for greater heights. Burn bridges and built new one. Become an ardent self believer. Ask for help, there is no harm in asking ( Said a very close friend and survivor) . Life is not about breathing, reproducing and dying. It is an exquisite opportunity to create history.

Yours sincerely,


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2 Responses to Sincerely yours

  1. shivam says:

    Cook is on leave. Go out get some pizza! 😀

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