Maintain a mentor

What is more refreshing than a glass of soda punch on a hot summer afternoon?

It is the soothing words of a mentor, the struggle of an achiever and successful failure story.


As a human instinct we all want to be successful, achieve glory and set an example for anything that proceeds . However we often forget to address the struggle underlying all the superficial glory. In an age old public speaking fraternity called Toastmasters there is a speech objective where the members are asked to deliver a speech to inspire the audience.

The truth is- it is very easy to come up with an interesting topic to inspire people but what is tough is to change adversity into opportunity.

So what is needed to break ice with life?

–          Incessant struggle. When I started my career with TCS just a few years back I heard a friend of mine saying. I am so happy TCS took me in, now I will retire from this firm. Interesting vision, however after just 8 long months when I moved out of TCS to work for a well known search giant, this fellow calls me up and asks for a referral. This idea here is, it is not wrong to retire from the company you join as a fresher, what matters is how do you envision your life between your joining and retirement and then beyond.


–          Buck stops here– Another friend of mine  is overwhelmed by the idea of working in firm where his best friends from college could not make it. However unfortunate events he gets fired after 3 long years only to reach out to the less creamy layers for help


–          Magnanimous mentor– A man or women who has similar aspirations and has walked the road less travelled.




How many times have you asked this question to yourself or anyone at work or play- WHO IS MY MENTOR? It is my project manager, the really smartass at work? The IIM A grad or the Harvard laywers with seducing brown eyes?

Well, this might not be anyone of them. It might be a semi old man in his 50s who is travelling the world. It maybe the plump young lady walking down the supermarket aisles. It maybe you’re not so literate wife or a character in an obscure novel you fell in love with during the second year of college.

Your mentor need not carve out a life path for you, advise you on how to prepare for GMAT for an elusive 780 or apply for the Reliance Scholarship for 100% tution wavier at Stanford.

This guy is like tender coconut water in the desert. His/her words are the comfort your were seeking. The light at the end of the tunnel.

As Victor Cheng of said your mentor need necessarily be an ivy league McKinsey partner. He can be anyone, and it is always advisable to have a nice mix of people in your circle. The ivy leagues biggies, the not so biggies who have made a difference and maybe some B-school dropouts making it big in life. A 360 perspective will make you grow strong and well equipped in life.

Today after spending 26 summers of my life I have achieved something, lost much more and again in this crossroad of life I am struck stranded looking for a warm blanket in a cold December. I am looking out for a mentor to help me sail some emotions and professional hurdles. I am looking for a patient ear.

I am reaching to everyone in my network and beyond and asking for a symbiotic opportunity to grow, learn and inspire. I am looking out for a mentor.


Will you be my mentor?


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