Defence against the dark arts.

Let me reveal a big bedroom secret of mine. At 1:23 AM, just 4 hours before I have to catch those detested yet much flaunted early morning flights. You will find me lying with Harry potter Books. Yes, I am 26 and I delve into ministry of magic and secrets of the magical world to keep my present at bay.

No I don’t really have an unfathomable miserable life; neither am I in the first stages of Parkinson’s diseases however this little recluse from the mundane world energises me to leap forward in the day ahead.

If you are a big Potter head as I am, I am quite sure you have tried drawing an analogy between the world of magic and muggles. Haven’t you?

And the magic here is, both the worlds are so strikingly similar in so many aspects . In both these worlds we are trying to defend ourselves against the dark arts. Don’t we?


The biggest darkness in my life till date has been me and my comfort zone. I have been such a reckless and selfish person that I have had never ever made an attempt to look beyond my comfort zone. And even If I have had done so, trust me I had dark ulterior reasons behind it. So if at the age of 26 I want to remove these dark spells that I have cast on myself and make an attempt to do the undone I have to devise some spells for myself and there in the ungodly hour of the night I did the undone.

Create a polyjuice potion with your own frizzy hair to transform yourself into the you that you are. Yes I know there are too many you in the line but that is exactly what we have been missing out on life. Haven’t we?

It is actually quite simple, either we take charge and decide our course of action in life or life does it for us. When we are young and vulnerable everything that crosses our sparkling eyes looks like an opportunity. The easier it is to attain it the better it seems.  Our pros and cons analysis seems vague and we build a sand castle amidst a rugged storm.

And why do we solely blame ourselves for it. It is the dark arts of life. Thousand mouths and thousands of opinions from every direction. Some people like me who find it too hard to let go gets trapped with wrong circumstances and people without much galore.


So the tripping solution here is to have a plan. A rational, executable plan . I know the plan doesn’t work and it leave you stranded, but it always better to have that plan so that even if it does not work out as perfectly as expected some parts of it will keep your sanity on.  We will not end up responding to opportunities that life chooses to put in our way, we will wait for the better suited one. Having a plan helps us keep our sanity on and helps in forging a path which leads to a direction where we really want to go and we will eventually land up being in a place where we actually see ourselves.

The sooner, the better.

Run far and run fast:

I remember getting this advice in a context which really made my big eyes bigger and devastated my faith in humanity, but later I realised, it is ok-it is a loss for the humanity.


Run fast and run far away from anything that is remotely negative or will deviate you from your path of action. Trust me 99.99% of the times; dreams are killed because we pay so much attention to what the world has to say and where it is leading us. Look deeper into your dreams and you will eventually realise why have you, even if unconsciously chosen it for yourself.

Accio life:

So wake up, turn on your magic wand can cast the accio spell on life. It is beautiful, even within its failures, rejections, dejections, unfair rules and heartbreaks there is an acute beauty hidden waiting for you. You just need to move out of that comfort zone, and pack yourself for that heavenly abode. I have seen loads of people struggle but none of them gave up home and see they all rise and shine. The only defence against the dark arts of life is to budge from the comfort shell and explore the world without inhibitions.



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