The four horned Dragon

Bellowing fire, no restrain, myriad colours and acute vain.

Remember meeting this fellow in your beautiful dreams? The four horned dragon- a powerful creature resembling something like love, something like killer success, a delusion that life was going to be easy.  An impact or an organic drug which makes everything seems so right. The perfect house a real good night sleep and an absolutely promising morning.

However, the beauty of this four horned dragon is as you wake up from slumber, he disappears. His entire enigma, his grandeur and the illusion of dreams moulding to reality just vanishes in a puff of smoke and you are left behind turning the wheel of life just like you did the previous day. Morning slides to afternoon lunch, they gradually morph into the evening walk and slowly with the sun your energy slides behind the mountain of exhaustion and you wake to another similar day just with another cross in the calendar.

Let the dragon stay:


One of my wildest fantasies these days is to make the dragon stay. To see everything the dragon has shown me materialises into reality and live the life of grandeur but you cannot hold to smoke and every time with a little step in time I see the dragon disappear without a warning. Last night  looking out of my blue window in the darkest hour of the night I saw someone. A shade of grey, but it is okay. Trustful eyes but deceiving otherwise. A moment of seduction-A moment of truth and I stepped into the inglorious dungeon that I was so hateful about years-no I guess days ago.

The only way to keep the dragon stay is to respond and conquer. Respond to life and conquer yourself. How many times in your life have you had the lesson for right and wrong?

From family, friends, books of gods and peachy people. They all talk about one life, one love sanctity, religion and a delusion of a perfect life. However beneath all these preachy statements they strategically camouflage  the real meanings and experiences of life. They try to bind us in the illusion of karma and “things eventually figure out” conundrum. The fact is –as harsh as it may sound- THEY DONT . They never do and will never work unless you get and get it doing.

1)      Conquer yourself: So many battles fought, so huge an army gathered, so many territories won and still you are not at peace? The first thing that I realised that I needed to do to get my story straight was to conquer myself. Trust me it is not at all a tall task. Look at it like nirvana. Refrain from the things that tempt you the most. Step up and look up beyond the pain of heartbreak and grinding pain of being so close to where you want to be and still so far. No I am not asking you to be Buddha. Just conquer your expectations and be firm that you will not budge an inch, make no more compromised unless and until you get your story straight and land up exactly where you wanted to be . It might be torturous; the road may look winding and dwindling somewhere to a destination you detest. But you will never be a phoenix unless you burn not slowly and painful but once and for all.

2)      Write down the tiny steps: You know what attracts things towards more than drunken revelry. It is writing down what you need and letting the universe hear it, see the glittery behind your moist eyes. The furious passion unwinding like casual breeze and then transform into earth wrenching storm. Once you know where you are heading it gets better, everyday gets better.

3)      Let Go: Yes let go, anything and everything which is not making you happy. Get one thing straight in this excruciatingly fast life there is no second chances and do not give anything a second chance just because you still have bouts of emotion and innocence left in you. Let whatever soft remains of you become hard and the hard and brutal part even harder until and unless you are the stone effigy they can’t touch.  Some loose knots can’t be tightened and let them be so. Don’t try to explain and connect every dot. If you feel anything slipping out of your fingers just have one open confrontation and then close your door without looking back again. You will never more ahead and explore new territories unless you let go of the past. Let go of every earthly emotion, let go of any affection. Don’t waste time analysing the enigmas of right and wrong that is unfathomable. Don’t try looking at signs they are deceiving. Be on the table and bring things on the table and make it crystal clear with no hidden agendas.

4)      There is no ulterior motive: When life gets tough it is not an indication that things will get better sooner or later. It is a sign that you have been fooling around a lot and it is high time you have to pull up your socks otherwise it will just get worse from here. Don’t believe me look at things unbiased and you will realise. Parents love you and they want you to be happy more than anyone else so they will console and convince you to adopt a middle ground with life but in reality that does not work out. Be strong –Be staunch and let go . Forge the gold inside of you and emerge better than anyone else ever. Once you reach this level of awesomeness everything else just follows.


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