The most unbiased post on the United States Presidential Election 2016.

If you are following the US elections closely and during the odd hours at work sneak into the Youtube comments- you will experience a cringe worthy feeling on the blame and shame game scenario going around the US election for presidency 2016. One of the strongest economic power in the world with the astounding nuclear Triad- has somehow gotten themselves in a position where two major political party nominee (Oval office aspirants) are spreading malice and hatred across the board.

When did we succeed by spreading hatred and emphasising on the wrongdoing of the others rather than focusing on what we are going to do for upliftment. As Bill Maher rightly said in his show- nerdy policies and real work is not really sexy when it comes to politics.



The country is divided between whether they should vote to make America great again or should stand stronger together. All said and done, for an Indian Passport holder who has plans on opting for US citizen- this election is more than just an eye opener.

We all know politics is synonyms to dirt, where each party candidate is not hesitant to shame the other candidate on their personal activities and the repulsive skeletons in their closet. And The media with all due hard work gets diverted too quickly and gets busy to glorify the scandals in which the party nominees were involved.

However, moving away from the media created hype and noise and the shuttering cameras, if you are still an undecided voter after the second presidential debate and the Lewd tape comments and the wikileaks, emails and cosiness to big banks -here are some points which not only Americans but any undecided voter should consider.



1)      Work experience of the candidate:

Compare this with a general professional’s scenario. A person’s salary, promotions and other opportunities magnifies with relevant work experience. And when it comes to occupying the oval office it gets beyond regular policy making or entrepreneurship work experience and it focuses more on someone who has a better understanding of the economy. Through understanding of the economy and skill at prioritizing options and has a hard skin to withstand the calamities which are bound to befall on them.


Republican candidate: Entrepreneur and an atypical salesman who is selling his campaign with ideas to protect America against ISIS.

An outsider to the Washington- he is someone who is likely to bring in fresh ideas and new approach. A winner, when it comes to drawing a big crowd and he has some popularity among the masses.

However, electing a narcissist, bigot and someone with a phobia against a particular religious group is not a very strong trait for someone looking to be elected as the president of United States. A thin skinned man who is not aversive to the idea of using nuke is certainly a nightmarish kind of situation not only for US but for the entire globe.

After all we don’t want a World War III right?

Democratic Candidate: First woman nominee in a country which lost their collective mind when a all women Ghostbusters was proposed . Secretary Clinton is more than what meets the eye, an extremely decisive woman who had the strength to fight personal and professional hurdles and emerge as a winner throughout.

An woman of substance who might not be an effective sales person but has an through understanding of the economy, policies and international relation. Someone who do not campaign on the popular ideas of hatred towards Mexicans and Muslims and talk about building walls and creating a canopy on the biggest economy on the planet.

The choice is yours .

2)      Difference between personal and professional opinion:

It is hilarious how men is power exploit women in every possible way. Having been encountered something similar in my professional space I can so correlate to the survivors of abuse. It is even more strikingly shocking that both Donald Trump and Ex president Bill Clinton are accused of sexual abuse.  However breaking down both the cases projects a totally different picture. First- Bill Clinton is NOT running for president, it is his wife Hillary Clinton who is a different individual.

An individual who had to undergo the trauma of having a cheating husband and make peace with it. Someone who kept her faith in the institution of marriage strong and went on with life.  An overtly qualified woman who has travelled more than 100 countries negotiating and sealing deals for the United States. Someone who has worked for the benefit of the country not for personal wealth.

Republican Nominee: After the release of the Hollywood tape with Trump and Billy Bush. Supporters came up and said this was an isolated incident 10 years ago where he was engaging in Locker room banter.  I have some incredible and not so incredible men in my life and honestly both of the lot engages in talking about women. After all attractive women should be discussed about isn’t it?

However there is a big difference between the sayings, I want to kiss Pamela Andersen and I have deliberately kissed Pamela Andersen. Hope this makes some sense. Moving ahead- if Donald had really performed in action the claims he made, it clearly makes him a sexual offender. And if not then it makes him a high school lying brat.

Do you want either of them as your president?

Democratic Nominee:  Hillary’s unfavorability is not unknown to the masses however from the point of view of the election and her opponent- her case is of a person with mistakes. Mistakes are also the building blocks aren’t they? They help you learn and develop into a better professional- just saying.



The options are quite clear- America now has to choose between a potentially bad president and an alien narcissi, sex offender, white supremacist and bucket load of other bad things. A bad president, well America did have them before but Donald Trump is a different phenomenon in itself-

is America braced for this kind of an impact?



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