Weight loss will be bitter sour

Do you know what America’s biggest problem is? Other than smoking, drinking, second amendment, drugs and Donald Trump. It is obesity.

Obesity is not only Americas problem-it is rather a global problem and weight loss is the biggest pain in the ass, even more than a rapacious over expecting boss at work or jackass of a boyfriend.


 Because with a little talent you can dump your boss and even without talent you can always dump your jackass boyfriend- but you cannot- with or without skills dump your weight.



The scary facts floating online is 2 or 3 adults are considered to be overweight and obese and more than 1 in 20 are considered to be extremely obese. This is scarier than breaking the 66th  seal and letting Satan out. Though the audience univocally blame desk job, crazy work hours and denied normal life to the main culprit. I would say alcohol, cheese burger, KFC’s double down and not to mention high calorific energy drinks as the main Satan.

Let’s not site the obvious and jump to the brief of millions of web pages and thousands of Youtube videos. What exactly do you need to do to lose weight? While you may be tempted to read millions of lines howling how much calories you need to lose, how many push ups a day and the obnoxious 100 abs a day to get a presentable belly. I am sure the sheer amount of information and the pending work deadlines with dreadful VBA Macros giving you overslept nights ( I tend to oversleep when I am in anxiety )will kill all your weight loss enthusiasm and you will eventually drift down to the melancholy of being overweight- thinking- I still hot even with some extra kgs.

I am sure this rings a bell 😉

The first leap towards a beach body should be accepting a bitter sweet life and breaking your complex weight loss journey into smaller chucks and solving it like a consultant (pardon my obsession with consulting  )

This is how I roll in life.

Bitter Sour

Remember Green Tea is bitter and Sweat is sour. 🙂

This one line briefly sums up your journey. Weight loss is nothing but a combination of working out and maintaining proper diet. While you can run your own permutation and combination with these two the resultant solution will more or less be the same.

So get ready to welcome the bitter taste of green tea, papaya shake and some more bitter gourd. Wait, don’t get scared yet. The fact is you don’t need to – well green tea makes a cut for it but not the other two obnoxious appetite killing god made horrors.


Grilled chicken on skewer

Be analytical even at home

The sexiest thing about weight loss is- it is quantifiable. You can measure, assimilate and plan accordingly. It is not like love when you are not sure of the validity of the statement even when someone explicitly spells it out for you. Strange world I know.

The basic trick to lose 1kg a week is to create a 7700 calories deficit a week. Considering the case of a women. She needs 2000 calories a day- lets reduce it by 500 calories and make it  approximately 1500 calories a day in food intake. This can include a steak, chowder soup and Ribs provided you don’t cross your calorie limit. Treat it at par your AAA credit limit of your card .

Once you have achieved this, take a morning run burning around 500 calories. This will be a 2 km of constant running or a split between running and normal walking with some side hops for 4.6 Km. The morning run will not only break the sour sweat but will also wake your brain for a smarter and happier day. Try it, first few days will be exhausting but then you won’t be able to do without it.

Day is done – I assume you reach home by 9 PM (if your schedule is as messed up as mine). Once you reach home you have this crazy craving for good food. Go treat yourself and then go for another run burning approximately what you are going to treat yourself with.

Looks complicated? No it isn’t . It is just like redemption for your sins even before you commit them.

This habit will slowly make you a little less sinner with every passing day.

I love my beer:

I know you love your beer. Personally I don’t know how it feels like as I never had a relationship with that beverage but I am surrounded by people who cannot sleep without her. (Sad state of situation I know ). Try to take a break from visiting this love every day. Indulge in something else instead, maybe replace weekend drinking with weekend tennis or squash session. Join a Toastmasters club or become a co founder of a fitness club. Start a running club and make new friends or search for one in meetup.com. There is more to life that sitting over idle drinks and gossip.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Eyes Potential Purchase Of Rival Miller



How Do I Compensate for other Yummy Food?

One word answer- Cook.

When you want to eat something really yummy, don’t just walk into a restaurant and order it- try and cook it at home or ask your cook to make it. Hire a new cook and cook along with him/her. Homemade food will always have less calories than the one you get in the restaurants. They are treating the masses; you are treating the class-yourself J



You are beautiful or Handsome, you are intelligent, you are ambitious. You are unique in this world and no matter what happens there will be never be another you walking this planet. So never ever indulge in your weight loss journey just because your spouse or partner feels that you need to shed some kgs or they feel you look unattractive. This is your body and the sole reason you are walking this bitter sour road to weight loss because you want to feel more confident and rush some blood in your brains to make them smarter and eventually have a long and prosperous life.






About Asarkr

A decisive soul| passionate writer| Statistics and Maths geek| Loves Chicago| Toastmasters| Data maniac| Marketing Person| TEDx | Permanent procrastinator| Social flagbearer| Education evangelist| Co founder Marketingthingy/Socialthingy| Winner standing alone :) Contact: amritasarkar1709@gmail.com
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10 Responses to Weight loss will be bitter sour

  1. You make it sound so simple!! Yes, if someone has no other commitments, “just go for a run” twice a day! For those of us with other commitments, it is not so simple to fit in two hours of exercise every day (plus associated changing and showering times).
    Good luck with your goals

    • Asarkr says:

      Totally agreed, even I felt I was burning myself in the process. Specially given I work min 12 hours a day with a famous Ecommerce firm. However trust me eventually I started hitting my target. Well, I am single and have no other commitment except work. So maybe that helps my case. Even other you can replace one time run with dance or some sport 🙂

  2. shivam says:

    Should you run after dinner? 😮

    • Asarkr says:

      Not exactly after gulping down food, but it is always great if you can sneak out a brisk walk post or pre dinner. In case of Plump people like me Post dinner is preferred over Pre dinner, sometime like half an hour before hitting the bed, so that when you sleep your body metabolism slows down and you burn fat in your sleep. Next time when you see me I have gotten an inch hotter by sheading 6 and a half kgs in these months 🙂

  3. Compensation for Yummy food ? is only Yummy food… But yes we should give daily 1 hr for fitness as there is no Substitute for making Healthy body and Mind … So set up your goals and try to achieve atleast 60% of it… All the Best..

    • Asarkr says:

      Agreed Yummy food is yummy food, but If you are little on the overweight side you need to cut down on the extra calories by working out. I have some pre set goals and with minor errors I am quite on track. I started this weightloss jounery to compliment my new coming life with a new body. After some recent events I realised everything is on our hands and we should not wait or a new year to start a new us 🙂

      • Good you already started … So we are on same journey (weightloss) with different track…
        lets achieve it … 😉

      • Asarkr says:

        Good to know even you are on the weightloss journey. Yes it will be different for men because you have some routine with muscle stuff. I would recommend Google Fit to keep a track of your burnt calories.

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