New Year Resolution of a late 20 something

Looking back ,I wonder how much I have grown through the years. There was a time when my usual new year resolutions used to  be “Read more Books“, “Do something creative“, the global one “Loose weight“.  I remember once having a new year resolution as “buy the Mac eye makeup range “.

I am 26+ now rolling towards the obnoxious 30s when your career and bank balance starts to matter less and what matter more is your marital status and age of the first child. Yes, everything people told you growing up about ambition and success is a lie . It hit me quite recently when my super supportive and ambitious mum told me well all I ever want from you is- for you marry someone from our community and settle down.

As 2017 (I was born on 17th sept so –17 is one of my dream year) comes closer and the stage curtain starts to pull up I come forward with my 2017 resolution . It amazes me to realize these resolutions are so way apart from the ones I used to have while I was comparatively younger.

  1. Stay Happy: The solo Europe trip that you are going to undertake in February wont be the most phenomenal trip of your life until and unless you learn to be happy. You have suffered all your life for the one goal of getting into Northwestern University and you are almost standing on the doors now(in spite of all the problem that followed) you made it. Now you deserve to be happy 🙂 PS- no matter what the world thinks you have quite a pretty smile.
  2. You cannot make everyone happy-DONT TRY ANYMORE: Gone are the days when an extra A+ used to bring a smile in your mums face, now the only thing that will make happy will make you miserable so ditch that and grow on your own terms.
  3. Open doors: Open door at work outside of work at your own venture, do anything and everything to create more opportunities. Meet new people, make new connections. If you feel like fall in love again with the old one or maybe someone new . Be open to possibilities and happiness. Life is a very short game, don’t be the quarterback anymore. Every people you meet will influence your life in a good or bad way. There will be the bad ones but the good once are worth the risk.
  4. Work harder: No matter you are going back to school or still stuck at your dead-end thankless job. Work harder and become indispensable. Work is the only thing that pays and if you feel you don’t have a life. Always remember it is way better to have money and no life rather than no money no life.
  5. Dogs are good:  That is the only living creature who does not really have much expectation from you and will be there even when you feel so lonely.



Break the stereotype, become more understanding and overall let it go. It is always more peaceful to have a life of expectations and full of surprises rather than the anxiety of the unknown jumping boats fulfilling expectation two consecutive generation.







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