“ Make India Great Again”


I remember being introduced to the concept of politics at a young age of 17 when Barack Obama was enthralling the crowd with his campaign rally -“ Yes, we can”[ Read in a British accent, it sounds so damn cool] . Then college  happened and I lost that thing called a cultured life. 2 years short of a decade we again witnessed a brutal 18 months long American election campaign with two distinctive campaigns “Stronger Together and “Make America Great Again”  hitting national and international televisions (after all America was about to elect the most powerful man in the free world) .

Last November we all witnessed the historic victory of “Make America Great Again” and since then the world knows how great a path America is treading. Recently someone from the Toastmasters International community came forward and said that – after coming back from a European Union trip he realized how much potential is brewing in India. He said during an educational session that India should use this opportunity (H1B visa ban) to create opportunities within the country and reach greater heights.

Asia is definitely the next big thing when it comes to business with countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia making for a culminative GDP of 27,464 billion USD.

So what is holding back these countries from growing into becoming super powers themselves.

Coming back to India- we have always proclaimed about our superior moral and ethical values and cultural norms and given the fact that India has shown a growth of 7.6% last fiscal year what is stopping this huge country from becoming the next superpower?


The Indian citizen of Israeli origin took me into deep thinking when he said that visa ban and turbulent geopolitical conditions back west is an opportunity for India to make itself great again. If you live in Bangalore or Mumbai (I haven’t lived in Delhi so cant comment) You will realize that there is a parallel universe of start-ups and SMEs are booming with no bounds. Young people are giving up their plush corporate ambitions to work out of a garage and are going heights with their efforts and excellence. The skyscrapers of Mumbai are housing corporate biggies and Indian born start-ups under the same roof and this view is breathtaking.

So, isn’t India going great??


What else should be done to make India great again?

  • Diversification and upholding living standard. If you are going to ask what is the most striking difference between India and the United States? I will vehemently emphasize on the standard of living. The biggest thing that strikes the eye once you start cruising through Chicago, Seattle or SFO highways it is the cleanliness. There will be mad traffic, there will be some badass pedestrian but the cleanliness and a general acceptance of  rules without pot bellied police officers will amaze you. Airports are equally horrible and you will feel better landing in CSIA (Chatrapatti Shivaji International Airport) than the JFK Airport.  Domestic flights are a bigger hassle in the states than in India.

So isn’t India great already 🙂 ?

Unfortunately it isn’t (YET) but a little effort by our government and economist and I dare say socialists -by creating proper taxing slab for the rich to invest in diversification and upholding the standard of living at least in the metros.


  • Atypical Indian Hypocrisy- There is a major thing Indians need to get over with- it is what I call the acceptance hypocrisy. We go pubbing, gulp down alcohol, proclaim to lead a western life but then when it comes to accepting the western culture wholeheartedly we chicken out.




Why is it ok to visit a club for drinks but at the same breath it is not ok to be a part time janitor?

Why is it such a big societal standards issue when a college goer wants to tend tables at a nearby restaurant for pocket money?

Why do parents spoil their kids with money when they have done nothing to earn it?

You want to adopt a western culture-don’t be comfortably selective. Adopt everything. 


I remember once in Pune, India- I was driving down to work and I saw my neighbor waiting on for her kids schools bus. I offered her a lift and she gave me the look as though I was a kidnapper. I understood and told her that I will do so for 2$ (say 100 rupee) and then I never heard from her again.


That was a golden opportunity for a symbiotic economic transaction but yeah that is not the part of western culture that gets glorified in India.


You want to make India great again, invest in the coming generation. Dont pile them up with books and ask them to enter the rat race of mindless competitive examination. Re-define the definition of winning in life and the concept of holistic success. Teach them that no job is small .

Take the name of Goldman Sachs and Teach for India at the same breath and with equal respect(personal take- I find professors to be hotter than semi bald Investment bankers ;P )


You might be an IAS officer but never hesitate to tend to the garden of your neighbor in return for say a 100 $.  India is predominantly famous for creating the caste system and one way or the other the country is suffering the consequences even today.


Let’s break this stereotype and accept every job, every work with respect and help each other to eventually make India great again

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