The comfort zone conspiracy

The 2016 American presidential election, Brexit and some terrorist activities in United Kingdom and Europe has given birth to a number of conspiracy theories. A little deep dive resulted in a number of YouTube videos with such crazy conspiracies that baffles even the sanest of the minds. But if we narrow down our scope and look just around us –do you see any conspiracy?

No right- No cheating boyfriends/husbands. No imminent political or cultural threat. We are immune aren’t we?

But take a closer look and you will realize you yourself is breeding and nurturing the most degrading conspiracy around you.

Comfort Zone Conspiracy –

Do you know the dictionary definition of conspiracy? It is a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act. Rings a bell.

No I am not taking about the stupid tricks you pulled out during your teenage days. Those were obnoxious act and you should repent for it but what you are conspiring along with the universe for your own self is even more derogatory. You are allowing the universe to create a comfort zone around you which is cozy, cut off from the world and comforting. This comfort zone looks relaxing but it is – in reality a slow poison which will eventually choke you to death.

The comfort zone is the most harmful place to be if you are in your early thirties and late twenties. You have achieved some amount of success and you think you are going just well and you seem to become complacent. But you are not realizing that even unused iron rusts.

Yes, it is true.

Becoming an assistant manager or consultant or product manager is not the end of your ambitious journey. You are just getting started.

How it kills the best minds-


The moment you hit 25 years of having spent your time on planet earth – your family gets finicky about your settling down. Now what they mean is you get married, have kids and do everything that conventional family people do in the social setting but the simple idea of settling down is so disturbing. It is quite common everywhere to push everyone else in a certain bucket and make sure that he/she remains in that buckets. This creates a safe zone the comfort zone where the propensity of risk is pretty low and people are sure of what they are going to wake up to next morning.

But unconsciously it kills the potential of becoming someone better, someone greater and more awesome. The age old adage “Curiosity killed the cat” has actually killed lot more cats than curiosity has. Such saying and though process has actually cocooned us in the safe comfort zone where we can be controlled rather than letting us explore and reach to our true potential.

The moment you get satisfied with a good house, a Porche (I have Honda-Porche is just another dream ) milestone, decent job and annual foreign trips. The curiosity decaying process starts from within.  It slowly kills the spark that god had destined for you and you become just another living being consuming oxygen and contributing to Global warming.

Get up you are born for greater good 🙂

How to get out of the comfort zone-

comfort-zone comic

Be Curious- Be curious about everything around you. An intellectual curiosity will go a long way in reversing your aging process. It will revitalize you and will give you a reason to wake up every morning – not just to go for a jog and job but to learn something new, leave back a trail and move ahead of your own predefined milestone.

Learn something- Learn a new language, new dish, new culture or maybe about the person who is sharing your bed and is madly in love with you. Maybe you have not learnt to love him/her yet. Maybe you should learn a little more about your ownself as in why is this man/woman is so insanely in love with you J

Join a community-  You are a Product manager with Amazon. You are changing the world. Great job well done . Now go out and contribute back to the society which is not as previledged (intellectually and financially) as you are. I know of a couple of entrepreneurs who have crazy busy lives but yet they make a way to contribute back to the society in different possible ways. Trust me people such as these men have restored my faith in humanity and global well being.

Take up a personal assignment– Not everyone can become an entrepreneur and startup . But you can always start a little project that you are passionate about. It can be something as simple as reading 60 books in one year. Starting a movie review website. Building an open source  platform. Crowdfunding website. The list is endless. You just need to get out of your lazy pants.

In conclusion- life will show you the worse, but be happy that you had your shot at seeing the worse at a young age. Good times follow sooner than later and always remember no mistake is too big to spoil your entire life if you are determined to turn the table back. Be intellectually curious and never give in to the comfort zone conspiracy and you will be just good 🙂

PS:  I am working on a crowd sourcing website to help people overcome their biggest mistakes of life. Any input/volunteering efforts are welcome.

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