And Justice for All- Movie Review

This is my first tryst with a movie review please pardon amateur statements .


You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!- Arthur Kirkland. 



This is beyond doubt the most iconic dialogue and performance by Al-Pacino and yes I am taking Godfather and Scarface into account. Haters will hate me for this blasphemous comparison but when a man like Pacino –with those intense eyes, deep southern accent (I sometime think it is Irish) delivers these dialogues with a tear drop rolling from his right eyes- a woman’s heart is bound to melt.




And Justice for all is one of the most underated movies of the 70s and sadly my generation hardly knows about this epic drama so I thought about bringing this killer performance of Pacino with a small review of “And Justice for all”.

Not many of you know but I am about to get my debut book “Unnamed Desires” out in Amazon by 30th of this month and post writing the book I did an intense study on character building and screenplay writing from a brilliant You tube channel called “Lessons from the Screenplay”.  And Justice for all is a move which follows almost all the rules creating a smooth flowing courtroom drama with no exaggeration or unnecessary dramatist. It mixed human emotions, empathy and above all relate able characters in their early 40s and the struggle to balance multidimensional lives.


The most striking part of the ploy is that the movie begins not with Pacino but with a supporting character which exposes the inside injustice of judicial America  and all prevalent LGBT stigma . Later in the movie this character plays a pivotal role in helping us understand the emotional aspect of Kirkland and justifies his sudden dramatic outburst in the last frames of the movie.


What makes you glued to the seat-

One word-Al Pacino.


The movie revolves around the life and day of Arthur Kirkland (Al-Pacino). His single life with no one to go out with but for a rich old justice his conflicts with a senior justice T Fleming over a case where is he failing to  save the innocent. His random emotional sparks and every Thursday visit to his grandfather. Pacino is a brilliant method actor but in this movie he everything a notch higher by playing a next door guy more comfortably than anyone I have know in the recent days. Even Affleck from Argo cannot play that man (I believe)

feature image

The real bland courtroom scenes and the behind the door wrong decisions, the plight of the old and poor and the influence of the rich portrayed in a non dramatic manner. Grandfather grandson relationship, lawyer to lawyer relationship post trauma of winning the wrong case and knowing your guilty client has repeated the crime all over again (and this time the victims are kids). Honest people getting behind the bars because of flaws in the judicial system. Innocent people committing suicide behind the bars as they cannot take the humiliation of arrest and the injustice meted to them.Non dramatized but really touching incidents of custody rape and young innocent lad losing his life to  in-custody crime and sexual harassment.

What gives you the thrill-

The shifting of emotions throughout the movie- really expected events which rolls to a different climax and the essence of something new even in the most predictable settings. Affable relationship moments and toxic outbursts the movie is powerful enough to not make you feel the length and you will never realize when you had stopped reaching out for pop-corn. It is not  a movie which will give you a climax and a happy ending. It is not a movie where the ultimate destination is boy finds girls of justice wins over injustice. It is a movie where reality prevails and that gives the thrill of walking though the entire movie.

long pose


In conclusion And justice for all is one of the most realistic movie I have seen in the recent days which is a perfect package of emotions, killer acting and a exposure of the corrupt judicial system in America.

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