Uber, Kalanick and the future is woman.

Post inauguration Hillary Clinton came out of the woods and made a statement which did make an impact across continents. Even if the men folks might guffaw and shrug at it- we women know how much we could relate to it. Mrs Clinton Boldly said

“ Yes! The future is female”.

In spite of all the odds and the difficulties we face “the future is female”. Although Madame Sectary of the state made the statement with regard to the woman march that happened in US in protest to Donald Trump presidency post 21st January celebrations. That statement has a wider impact –especially with regard to the power and influence of women in the corporate and start-up businesses.



Science might say women have smaller brains than men- but we are continuously forgetting our (women’s) brains are mostly free of garbage which otherwise occupies a huge chunk of our male counterparts(mostly) . I am not denying men have been successful in every endeavor in every phrase of life. But I am also stating in-spite of an age of dominance and the psychological belief surrounding the capacity and potential of women we have come a long way. It was stunning that human rights activities had to go up to a podium and proclaim that “Human rights and women rights and there should be no second guessing on that”.

“Whoa! Does that mean we women were not humans? Does that mean we are always super to mere human males?”


Oprah Winfrey

Travis Kalanick and his best bet-

self made

We all know the Kalanick story. Ah how the extremely smart and sexy entrepreneur has to step down under allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. How many times have we actually said under our breath –Oh I wish that woman (Fowler) did not come out with the story then things would have been so normal and Kalanick would have been ruling and Uber would still remain a killer organization .

But guess what we are all wrong.

This is a simple example of the potential of free speech, internet and women empowerment. It is easy to stay shut and let things happen or even better quit . But it needs real guts to face the Goliath and we women can do that. No today but everyday –every instant when we feel abused or mistreated.

Post the stepping down and the search for a new CEO and CFO and COO one thing stands strong. Uber needs a complete re-hauling of their management and policies. The “Bro Culture” needs to go- there are ladies working along with you guys.

The next best bet for Uber — to get back to what it used to be and build a better culture is to appoint a woman as the CEO.

Ah yes you heard me correct.

Getting a woman CEO and increasing (at least maintain a decent female ratio) will go a long way in overhauling the image of Uber .

The Marrisa Meyer story-


Not all women in leadership position can be Marrisa Meyers — honestly I personally don’t have that level of energy. I struggle to keep my 14 hours work day going- somehow cramping my working schedule in it.

“One hour of Aerobics? But I need to finish my visualization deck”- Everyday story

But we do have the compassion of Sheryl Sandberg, the intellect of Indra Nooyi and the resilience of Hillary Rodham Clinton. A workplace with decent woman representation in leadership is automatically perceived as a friendly playground –no matter how crazy the work hours. Strong women build strong organization and strong organization builds great economies. Men and women are created alongside for a purpose higher than procreation. It is high time corporate sector, policy making wings and the chauvinist men across the planet realize it.


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