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“ Make India Great Again”

  I remember being introduced to the concept of politics at a young age of 17 when Barack Obama was enthralling the crowd with his campaign rally -“ Yes, we can”[ Read in a British accent, it sounds so damn … Continue reading

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New Year Resolution of a late 20 something

Looking back ,I wonder how much I have grown through the years. There was a time when my usual new year resolutions used to  be “Read more Books“, “Do something creative“, the global one “Loose weight“.  I remember once having … Continue reading

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Weight loss will be bitter sour

Do you know what America’s biggest problem is? Other than smoking, drinking, second amendment, drugs and Donald Trump. It is obesity. Obesity is not only Americas problem-it is rather a global problem and weight loss is the biggest pain in … Continue reading

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The most unbiased post on the United States Presidential Election 2016.

If you are following the US elections closely and during the odd hours at work sneak into the Youtube comments- you will experience a cringe worthy feeling on the blame and shame game scenario going around the US election for … Continue reading

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The four horned Dragon

Bellowing fire, no restrain, myriad colours and acute vain. Remember meeting this fellow in your beautiful dreams? The four horned dragon- a powerful creature resembling something like love, something like killer success, a delusion that life was going to be … Continue reading

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Defence against the dark arts.

Let me reveal a big bedroom secret of mine. At 1:23 AM, just 4 hours before I have to catch those detested yet much flaunted early morning flights. You will find me lying with Harry potter Books. Yes, I am … Continue reading

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Sincerely yours

Early morning marijuana, Shivering fingers, zombie like movements Shrill whisper of the coffee maker Dangling lace from the running shoe. Bitten lips of no remorse Lovely eyes forgot to dose. Did you wake up this morning to any regret or … Continue reading

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The Wall..

“No, I don’t like this old haggard man”- I growled He might be 32 but look at him; he does not even carry enigmatic cologne to arouse me in the middle of the morning. Cracked voice, freckled nose, indulging in … Continue reading

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Positive Affirmation: Things that helped me overcome my worse.

.) I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents. 2.) Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy. 3.) My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil. … Continue reading

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An Endeavour to find ‘HER’ again!

She was my best friend, she was my love. My confidant and soul support. The Yin to my Yang, glowing warmth in the winter snow. She held my hand and whispered hope when everything was so cold. She was the … Continue reading

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